Updates: Searching for Health Care and Other To-Do List Items

(Originally posted on LiveJournal)

I have a to-do list that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I need to do.

I have one to-do list that is only for the home study and one that is only for Pact, the facilitator we’re going to sign with.

I have another to-do list that is a regular list, mostly of mid- to long-term items.

Then, I have the to-do list on the white board, of items that need to be done now.

Finally, I have the to-do list in my head. The one if I ever wrote it all down, would likely take pages and pages. But I should write it all down, shouldn’t I?

One of the things on the actual list is to investigate health insurance. Max’s ex-employer has been paying our COBRA for awhile now. They emailed us yesterday to say that they can’t anymore, and we have to pay them for it. It’s over $1000 per month for the three of us. So, I called Blue Cross this afternoon to see if we can get our plan as individuals.

We can get close for Max and Jack. I am uninsurable. The woman actually said to me that neuropathy is on their decline list. So, because I stepped out of my car and onto some ice back in 2003, I can’t get health insurance. We do have the option of keeping me on COBRA and moving Max and Jack to individual plans. Hopefully, that will be cheaper than $1000+ per month. I’m not betting on it, really. My Xyrem costs about $800 per month, which is another reason I’m uninsurable. The medication is more than most insurance premiums cost. But it’s the one that keeps me pain-free.

My house is full of half-done projects. The cats had fleas, so I decided to give all of the stuffed animals a “bath”. I’m in the process of washing them all – over 240 of them. We counted, because I had Jack go through and sort out the ones he wants to keep and the ones he wants to live in his baby sister’s room.

We painted my old furniture for Jack, and bought an Ikea cabinet for him that we still have to paint. We can’t put the stuffed animals away until we get that done.

In the office, I have bins waiting for me to store my scrapbooking stuff. I don’t use a lot of it enough to keep it out on shelves. We’re going to have an addition put on, with construction hopefully starting by the end of this month. We have a draftsman working on plans. I have to find a wall bed (aka a Murphy’s bed) for the room, so I can figure out how it’s all going to go together.

My work test machine has been giving me grief. That’s a whole long post in itself.

I’m trying to do lots of things with Jack this summer. I may have overbooked us. He’s taking swimming lessons right now and he loves them! That’s very very good.

I have a stack of magazines to go through for ideas for my Adoption Blogs blogs.

I have a stack of books on my nightstand, but I still spend about half an hour a night reading Twilight fanfic. I am an addict.

I think that’s all I really wanted to say this evening…


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Jul. 8th, 2010 01:40 pm (UTC)
When do these new rules start for health insurance? My wife does employee benefits law, and she and I were discussing how health care reform would be helpful to people with preexisting conditions, as they will no longer be allowed to decline us. Also-what about Kaiser for you?

Jul. 8th, 2010 07:57 pm (UTC)
I can’t do any HMO. I need *my* pain specialist. Also, the Xyrem comes from one pharmacy in the US. It’s highly controlled.

I don’t think that the health care reform rules start until at least 2011. I want to say 2012, actually.

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