Late Night Update

It’s been over one month since I updated this blog regarding our home study status. Although I had initially hoped to have all the paperwork done in May (hahahahaha), that didn’t happen. We came really close to having it done in June, but aren’t quite there.

This is what we have completed:

  1. Home Study Update Form (15 pages of fun!)
  2. Child Desired Worksheet
  3. Criminal Record Statements
  4. Out-of-State Disclosure Criminal Record Statements
  5. Certification in Infant CPR and First Aid
  6. Medical Reports for all 3 of us
  7. IRS 1040
  8. Job Verification letter for Robyn
  9. 4 of 6 character references
  10. Affirmation Statement
  11. Copy of Health Insurance cards
  12. Live Scan

What’s left? Well, a few things…

  1. Guardianship Form
  2. Job Verification letter for Max
  3. Financial Statement
  4. 2 of 6 character references (Annemarie and Max’s mom)
  5. Adoption Risk Release form (it has to be notarized, so we’ll do that when we bring in the rest of the docs to mail)
  6. Release of Information (just a form to sign, really, but I have to add a clause to it)
  7. Evidence of Life Insurance for both of us. Max has life insurance, I don’t have enough yet.
  8. Two classes via Adoption Learning Partners: Let’s Talk About Adoption and Conspicuous Families.

So, really, we have 75% of it done. We can send in the paperwork we have at any time. I want to wait for the references so we don’t send them in batches. Then again, I could just hold on to the references now and send them all again later.

We can’t do the Financial Statement until I get life insurance. This wasn’t a requirement last time.

We’ve been updating Jack’s room in anticipation of needing some of his stuff for the baby. I’ll post pictures of his new and improved “big boy room” when it’s all done.

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