Jack takes ballet. His friend’s older sister took ballet, and we went to see The Nutcracker together. Jack wanted to be the Mouse King. We signed him up first thing in January. A male friend of his signed up with him. Jack freaked out in his first class. He cried. He sat on a chair at the beginning, but did do the second half of the class. His second class was on the same day as his birthday party. Our friends brought him, and apparently, he didn’t cry, but he did sit out half the class. For the third class, we picked him up from school to bring him over to ballet. He freaked out, fought and cried. On the way to class, I started in with the bribery. Then Max said, “Jack, if you go in and participate in at least half of the class, we’ll watch Transformers.”

Jack isn’t allowed to watch Transformers because he gets a little too violent afterward. But, he loved the idea of getting to watch them. So he participated, happily, in the entire class.

The following week, when I picked him up from school to go to ballet, he said, “Mom, I’m not even going to be nervous about ballet.”

His recital is in August. They’re dancing to “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. The boys start the whole dance. I’m really hoping that Jack will continue with ballet, or at least dance. We’ll see. We’re committed through August at least.

Jack in BalletJack in Ballet


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