Family History: My Wedding Day

Write about your wedding day. Where did you get married? Who was with you? What are your feelings about that day?

Max and I were married on July 27, 2002 in Enfield, NH. I have a lot of photos and information on our web site. My cousin Jen is getting married in September, and that’s led me to think about my own wedding.

I do have some regrets:

  • Not videotaping the ceremony.
  • HIring a bad photographer. She was just plain mean, and a lot of the posed shots, which were very important to us, didn’t come out well.
  • Not inviting everyone I wanted to invite. Our first pass at the guest list had just over 300 names. I wish we had just invited everyone on it. We only invited some friends from work, which I felt really awful about, and we didn’t invite single people “with guest”.
  • Not inviting the people who were there already to the rehearsal lunch. But I didn’t have a lot of control over this.
  • Going to Simon Pearce with my parents, grandparents, and Max’s parents.
  • Not having a bachelorette party.
  • Not doing a receiving line or a formal pass by everyone’s tables.

Mostly, I really loved our wedding. I suffered from post-wedding depression. After spending almost a year planning it, it had happened. Whoosh! I always thought that the only downside to getting married is that you have one shot at your perfect wedding.

I have a lot of happy memories from that day, and the days before and day after. (Then there’s the honeymoon, but that’s another story.) I’m trying to think of some favorites… it’s hard to choose…

  • Playing a game of “ho!” to the song “Safety Dance”.
  • Finally meeting my penpal Helena, from Sweden.
  • Having my cousin Sarah think I was a princess.
  • Walking down the aisle.
  • Singing to Max.
  • Getting along with my sister.
  • The wedding night. ‘Nuff said.


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  • wedding

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