April/May Home Study Status Update

I posted a list of the 21 home study requirements we have to meet. So far, we have the following items done:

  • Jack’s medical information (11b)
  • My medical information (11a)

Yes, it’s a short list.

We’ve also asked several people to be references.

  • My friend Annemarie offered to be a reference again. She has the form.
  • We asked my grandmother to be a reference again, and I have to give her the form.
  • We asked Jack’s doctor, who filled out the form, but still needs to write a letter.
  • We asked some of our friends from Jack’s preschool, who have the form and shared their answers with us, but they feel they need to put it on a real letterhead and make it look good.
  • We still have to ask our neighbors. I printed the form for them.
  • We need one more reference, and we haven’t decided who it’s going to be yet.

I have to finish Mother’s Day presents, which should be done by Father’s Day. Anyway, sometime in the next two weeks, I plan a flurry of paperwork work, scheduling of appointments and online classes, and so on. I really want to be home study ready by the end of the summer.


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