A Frustrating Evening

Jack has been having listening issues, especially with Daddy. Today, he has apparently not listened to anything Max has asked him to do. He was quite good with me. He helped cook dinner – he turned the sausages. We also did a “stained glass” art project. We played flying (jumping off of his bed with a blanket tied around his neck as a cape).

Tonight, we were supposed to read the Polyjuice Potion chapter of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This is Jack’s favorite part (he saw the movie trailer where Harry & Ron turn into Crabbe & Goyle). We always give Jack ample warning about bath time. Half hour, 20 minutes, etc. When it was bath time, he threw a Grade A tantrum. When we threatened to take away Harry Potter, he finally went into the bathroom, but he did not behave at all. He lost Harry Potter and all of his stories.

When I asked him to get into bed, he continued to misbehave, and lost his “Once Upon a Time”. I told him I’d stay and sing if he could be quiet, but he kept saying “Snake, snake, snake”. (He was pretending to be a snake.) So I went to leave the room. He threatened to get up and turn the light back on. I countered with Daddy or I would just have to watch him until he fell asleep.

He’s in there now, talking to himself.

It’s one thing to have a bad day. It’s another thing to be having a good day and then throw it all away. One of my favorite times with Jack is story time. I let a lot slide because I love it so much. But this kind of tantrum behavior is just not acceptable. So, I lost my favorite time of day.


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