Family History: Books and Movies

DesignZ by Dede is still doing the Family History prompts, and I’m still late in answering them.

Write about what you like to read. What’s your favorite book? Write about your favorite kinds of movies to see. What are your favorites?

My favorite book is Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton. Don’t much care for the sequels, but I love the first one. I went on quite a Michael Crichton kick in high school and college. The only other one I really liked, enough to keep it, was Sphere. I have read all of his books though.

Of course I love the Harry Potter series! I’d put them on my favorites list (except maybe #s 5 & 6).  On the other hand, I dislike the movies. I won’t let Jack see the movies ’til he’s read the books.

I’m working on getting all of Agatha Christie’s books. I really enjoy mysteries, though I don’t read them enough anymore.

Recently, I have become obsessed with the Twilight series. The books are just mind candy, and I really like the characters. I’m a bit insane about them really.

I don’t get to read many real books. I read a lot of adoption- and parenting-related books. Sometimes, I read books that Max has lying around the house. (That’s how I read The Know It All, by AJ Jacobs. Good book.)

When it comes to movies, I have a very specific list of favorites:

  1. Gone with the Wind
  2. Star Wars
  3. The Princess Bride
  4. Miracle on 34th Street
  5. It’s a Wonderful Life
  6. Clue

I haven’t read any fiction, other than Twilight, that I think is worth mentioning. I haven’t seen many new movies since Jack was born. Star Trek (with Zach Quinto as Spock) was awesome! I want the 2 hours of my life back from Bride Wars. There was a Catherine Zeta-Jones movie with her as a cook that was just blah. I did get to see Dreamgirls, and I liked that one.

I’m really simple to please when it comes to entertainment. But something has to be really good or gripping to get me to remember it.

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