Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

In case I haven’t mentioned it, Jack is becoming computer literate. He knows how to use the touchpad and keyboard on both Max’s Windows-based computer and my MacBook Pro. He can get to the PBS Kids web site and play most of the games. He also knows how to get their videos. This simultaneously makes me proud and terrified.

Anyway, a week or so ago, he discovered Mister Rogers. He spent some insane amount of time in front of Max’s computer watching Mister Rogers while Max ripped up carpet. (Long story.)

Tonight, I was in the office/guest room when Jack emerged from his “rain bath” with Daddy. He very politely asked if we could watch a movie on my computer. Because he asked so nicely, I said sure. He asked for PBS Kids. When I got to the site, I asked if he wanted to watch Mister Rogers.

“Yeah! I love Mister Roger!” He said a few times that he loved Mister Roger (no “s” for some reason). He was transfixed. I put his lotion on (he’s prone to eczema) and dressed him, all silently.

Max said, “He’s quiet. I believe that’s one of the Catholic church’s five criteria for a miracle.”

I whispered back, “Why didn’t we think of this before?”

Usually, the bed time routine is about Jack bouncing around, doing his best to do anything but calm down. It was strangely silent, in a good way, this evening.

I love Mister Rogers.


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