Academy of Sciences

Jack’s school had an “in-service” day today, so a bunch of us went to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Despite a rocky start, the day was enjoyable. I will say, however, that I still have “If You Like It Then You Should Have Put on Ring On It”  by the Chip-ettes in my head. Mini-vans with DVD players – curse or blessing?

Our first stop was lunch, which cost an insane amount of money, and meant waiting in two different lines for about half an hour. Never again will I buy food at the Academy of Sciences. Seven dollars for a hot dog?!?!

C and Jack

C and Jack

When we finally got going, we found sting rays!

Guitarfish and Sting Ray

Guitarfish and Sting Ray

Jack was very excited. “I never seen sting rays before!” There were reef sharks in the tank as well. From the sting rays, we meandered a bit until we found African penguins.

African Penguins

African Penguins

Then we meandered some more. The museum is really geared towards older kids. There wasn’t anything hands-on. The kids liked some of the skeletons – they have whales and a T-Rex. The Academy really gets you on the extras. Both the Planetarium and the Extreme Mammals exhibit cost extra. This after $25 to get me in and $15 to get Jack in.

We could check out the living roof.

Jack and Mommy

Jack and Mommy

After that, we all went back down down down to the aquarium. I think this part was my favorite. They had tons of fish, of course. They also had a little tide pool exhibit, where the kids could touch starfish and sea urchins. I was impressed with Jack’s ability to pet the sea urchin.

Three Friends and Jack at the Tidepool

Three Friends and Jack at the Tidepool

Oh, and just outside the aquarium was the swamp, home to an albino alligator. The kids didn’t believe he was real until he opened his eye. Then, they kind of freaked.

Albino Alligator

Albino Alligator

We spent a great deal of time in the aquarium, before heading upstairs. The kids played out on the lawn. Although it was supposed to be cold, cloudy, and rainy, it was really sunny and cool.

Jack’s favorite part of the day was seeing the sting rays. He had to say good-bye to them before we left. He said something about how he hoped they’d enjoy their Christmas in there. Later, he asked me how the big fish played guitar.

Oh, and because the rest room lines were so long, I let Jack go into the men’s room by himself, twice. He was very proud of himself. I also have to commend the Academy on including toddler steps up to the sinks.

We watched some Dr. Seuss DVDs on the way back. Mike Meyers owes everyone in America $10 for The Cat In the Hat. YUCK!

On a completely unrelated note, Jack started singing “Video Killed the Radio Star” in the bathtub. Max was impressed that I had taught him that. He thought I was poisoning the child with the Twilight play list. Max asked Jack, “Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?” Jack replied, “I’m not on a team.” He later decided that “Mommy’s on Team Bella.”

My kid is AWESOME!

2 thoughts on “Academy of Sciences

  1. Cool, sounds like you all had a good time…thanks for sharing about your day in the city. Wow…didn’t realize the Academy of Sciences was so expensive, at least you had fun. Gotta do something with the kiddos right?

  2. I look forward to hearing more about your adoption story, that’s great you’ve started a blog. I find that whole process pretty fascinating.

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