Here We Go Again

Today, I sent off our preliminary paperwork to update our home study. So, I guess we’re officially working on adopting our second child! Jack’s been asking for a baby sister since he was 18 months old. I have no idea what the time frame for this adoption will be. We’re specifying gender, which makes it a bit harder. We also know we have to stick within our budget.

To make room for another child, we have to add a room onto the house somehow. We’re trying to figure out how to do that without going into debt.

I really am going to try to be better about updating. It’s important to record all the little things, both that Jack does and that we do for the adoption. There are so many stories I could tell, and mean to write, and I just don’t. So I forget them.

For the record, we did decide to go with our original home study agency, The Family Network. We’re probably going to sign with Pact, a facilitator in Oakland, CA that places children of color.


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