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livejournal11So, I’ve been wanting to make a movie (DVD) of Jack video clips for the grandparents and Jack’s birthmother. I took a bit of time to read about iMovie and I went through a couple of video tutorials. I watched 4 years worth of Jack videos and made a list of the ones I wanted, with the time codes for each clip. Such as, I want :34-1:45 of justjack.

First, iMovie doesn’t import MPGs, so I have to find a converter. Done. Then, iMovie won’t play the audio of the converted files. So, I figure out how to export the movies to a format that iMovie imports and recognizes audio.

Then, I get into iMovie to edit the clips. Except that iMovie doesn’t display the time codes for each frame. So I apparently have to do all of the work over again. This movie is supposed to be for Christmas.

The problem is, I’m making too many things this year. 2 sets of scrapbooks, this movie, plus homemade treats for various people.

The weird thing is, I might actually be able to do what I want to do with a third-party product that Avanquest releases. But it would require me to work on my work test computer, which I’m not a big fan of. I’m not sure what the learning curve would be for it versus iMovie anyway. MemoriesOnTV (silly name) creates DVDs from pictures and videos. Anyway… I have all these hopes and they just come crashing down.


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