Adoption Carnival: Photos of Adoption

This post was originally published on on November 4, 2009. Republished here with permission.

Grown In My Heart’s Adoption Carnival III asks:

What is your most treasured adoption photo (or two)?

At the time of this writing, this is my favorite photo.


You can see Jack, who is 7 months old. He’s sitting between Iggy, then age 2, and S. We went back to Missouri in August 2006 to finalize Jack’s adoption. We were able to spend a few hours with S and Iggy. Iggy was a little competitive with the baby. He seemed to like Jack OK, but vastly preferred getting attention from my husband to actively playing with Jack.

I regret not spending more time with S after Jack was born. Of course, that’s easy to say now, sitting in a warm, sunny, familiar state with plenty of sleep. At the time, we didn’t really know where we were, what day it was, or even what time of day it was. It rained every day we were there. It was really awful. I do not recommend Kansas City, MO in January.

We spent as much time with S as we could during our second visit to MO. I suppose it still wasn’t really enough, but it was better. As we were leaving, this time without any promise of return, S told us that she was glad to see Jack. She could tell how loved he was, and it made her feel secure in her decision.

This picture and the others like it remind me how much she loves her children. I continue to pray that she makes good choices for all their sakes.

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