Real Life

(originally posted on LiveJournal)

Aside from Disneyland, there has been lots going on.

My neighbor’s 16 year old son was shot on his way to school two weeks ago. The news outlets butchered what really happened. It boils down to, the Kid was shot because he was wearing red pants. The papers attributed it to “gang-related violence”. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kid had some friends who are gang affiliated, but as for the Kid himself? I don’t think so. The police caught the guys who did the shooting. The Kid was out of the hospital for about 36 hours, then went back in with a liver infection. He’s back home today.

I have to figure out if we can refinance our house. Our mortgage payment is now just $3 too low to qualify for the Federal program. We bought our house for $426K and it’s now worth $205K.

We have some money from my mom. I have to decide if we pay the credit card debt, hang onto it in case Max doesn’t find a job real soon, do a little of both, pay for some needed work on the house, save it for our next adoption…

Unemployment hasn’t paid Max in two months. Again. We need that money.

Our Sassy cat is sick again. This time, she’s vomiting. She may have swallowed a string. She’s at the vet tonight on an IV. We’ll know more tomorrow.

I can’t sleep tonight. I have to do a sleep-deprived EEG tomorrow. It figures that I’m very tired already, when, on nights that I should be sleeping, I’m wide awake. It doesn’t help that my knee is randomly stabbing at me.

I’m listening to the Twilight playlists on Stephenie Meyer’s site. Some of it, I just don’t get. Some of it is spot-on. I’m still reading fan fic at an alarming rate. *sigh* Crack.


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