Disneyland Day Two

his post could also be titled “California Adventure Day One” or “Robyn’s 34th Birthday”. I was far too tired last night to write a post then.

I had never been to California Adventure. The last time we were here was 2000, and it was still being built. It was all right. Kind of spread out, and not really sure what it wanted to be, I think. It’s part MGM and part Disney Boardwalk (in FL).


  • Jack being contrary about many things. “Yes, I want that. No, I don’t.”
  • Someone dropped a door on me while I was carrying our lunch tray, and I spilled my tea on my chicken sandwich.
  • There just wasn’t enough time to do everything in a calm, leisurely manner.
  • HUGE LONG LINE for Toy Story Midway Mania.
  • Squeezing in to Disneyland for Fantasmic.
  • I did not get cake for my birthday. 😦


  • Fantasmic! It was much improved from 1999, at least as far as I remember.
  • Jack’s first “play”. We saw Aladdin. It was pretty terrible, though the Genie was fun. Jack really enjoyed it though, and was upset that we didn’t see any “real people” today.
  • Soarin Over California. I’ve been wanting to go on that ever since I saw it on the Travel Channel. I have to admit, I was scared when it began and I had to close my eyes for parts of it.
  • The Pixar Play Parade, although neither WALL*E nor UP was a part of the parade.
  • In Turtle Talk with Crush, Crush sang Happy Birthday to me. ‘Cha!

We started out with the Monsters Inc. ride, which was enjoyable. The boss lady (Roz) sang Happy Birthday to me. We then tried to go on Muppetvision 3D, but Jack didn’t want to. So we went to Turtle Talk with Crush. NO ONE was there. There were maybe 15 people in the theater, so we had a great time. One of the kids asked how many kids Crush had, and he said 65. The kid asked the names of his kids, and the turtle had to come up with 65 names. It was fun! Jack got to talk to Crush too. When Crush asked his name, Jack said, “Jackson Louis Chittister”. Of course, he said it “Jah-sen Luz Chi-iser”, so Crush was a bit confused. Crush called me “Rockin’ Robin”. It was cool.

After Crush, we tried again to go on Muppetvision, but Jack didn’t want to go. We went to a bug’s land, which was OK. Jack really liked the lady bug ride. The bumper cars were a let down. Jack threw a fit about going on the balloons. Oh! We did get to see Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, and got their autograph. (But we discovered we forgot to get Tinker Bell and Silver Mist on Friday).

OK, this is getting way long. We saw Aladdin, thanks to priority seating from AAA. Jack really enjoyed it. We had lunch, then Jack and Max went back to the hotel and I went on the single-rider line for Soarin’. I walked back through Downtown Disney and bought myself some earrings. I had wanted to get gifts for a lot of people here, but the prices are insane!

I took a nap with Jack, and we got back to CA in time for the Pixar Play Parade. Max had come back over early to get good seats. He got me stickers and a pair of scissors that cuts Mickey ears for my birthday. Jack got a book. Jack also picked out his souvenir – Minnie ears. We finally did get to do Muppet Vision, and Jack said it was “good”. He thought parts of it were really fun. He was jazzed by the 3D.

We got dinner from 2 different places, then headed to Toy Story Mania. The line was huge. We didn’t get to do anything other than that. We went over to Disneyland to see Fantasmic, but everyone else had the same idea. We were squoosed in with a lot of other people. I couldn’t see too well, but it was well enough. Max had Jack on his shoulders. Jack enjoyed Fantasmic. I think he was too tired to truly appreciate it, maybe. I dunno. We rushed on to Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack didn’t want to go on, but we pretty much made him. Well, they changed the ride entirely, so there are a couple of drops and it’s much scarier. I felt terrible about misleading him. When we got off the ride though, he crowed that Pirates was his favorite ride. Weird kid.

We tried to have cake, but the cake was this weird chocolate mousse that had been out all day. Yuck! I actually returned it. When we went back to the hotel, I tried to get an ice cream sandwich, but the kiosk was closed.

Now, I have to do a blog post for AdoptionBlogs.com, so today’s update will have to wait ’til tomorrow.


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