This Post Is In No Way About Twilight

(originally posted on LiveJournal)

Yeah, I didn’t think I’d fool anyone with that. (Especially given the icon and the tags.)

Max rented Twilight for me the other night. I watched it last night (Saturday).

Wow was that bad! I’m glad I knew beforehand. Robert Pattinson is no Edward. Sorry. I hope he gets better for New Moon. Though that is mostly Bella and Jacob, Edward has a huge role there at the beginning and end.

The only thing that I liked better than the book was that the 3 vampires – James, Laurent, and Victoria – were going on a killing spree. The first book didn’t have a lot of, you know, plot, so it was a good add-on. I also like that Laurent was black, Tyler was black, and Eric and Angela were Asian. (I don’t remember ethnicities ever being discussed in the book.) Sadly, they reduced Alice and the others to virtually nil. The guy who plays Jasper looks like he may actually have been a reanimated corpse, with really bad hair. Oh, and both Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would sometimes randomly talk like they were from New York. A rich part of New York. Finally, Bella was much less intuitive this time. I liked that she figured out so much on her own in the books.

I went to Costco and they had New Moon for $6.89. So I bought it. I saw that they didn’t have Eclipse, and thought, “Oh well, I’ll get it used”.

Brief interlude – my friend gave me PDFs of all of the books, but printing them out would likely cost as much in paper, ink, and time as just buying them. Plus I was in a shopping mood today. I actually bought Christmas presents for people while I was out. (Mostly, I hate shopping, so I try to be productive when I am in a shopping mood.)

Anyway, Costco didn’t have Eclipse, which just came out in paperback. I moved one of the New Moons, and there was an Eclipse. For $6.89 So I have that too. Don’t tell Max. (Hi Honey!)


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