Wii Fit

(originally posted on LiveJournal)

Max bought a Wii Fit, probably about a month ago.

The Wii Fit will not register Jack, because, even when he’s standing relatively still, it tells him he’s fidgeting.

My Wii Fit age is 46.

I’m 33. Almost 34.

I couldn’t do two of the balance tests, because I couldn’t make my left knee bend that way. It really pisses me off, how so few fitness options are available to the disabled. I’m only slightly disabled – there are things my knee just can’t do, and things that I can’t do because of the meds that make me able to walk. I could swim, I can walk, just not fast, etc. I’m never going to be able to run or do a heavy cardiovascular workout. I can’t bike. I can lift weights. It always depressed me when reading Newsweek, that all of the fitness articles focused on getting people who simply didn’t move to move more. What about people in wheelchairs, for whatever reason? What about the paralyzed? People with disorders like cerebral palsy, for whom some movements are simply not possible?  Obviously, these people can and do workout – some of them to an incredible extent. But it’s more complicated than saying, “While watching TV, get on the treadmill”. You know, the guilt-based articles? When I really couldn’t walk, I loathed them.

I didn’t mean to get on that rant. Mostly, I wanted to note that the Wii fit thinks I’m old.


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