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I have no idea why I continue to be obsessed with Twilight. I read the Midnight Sun excerpt on Stephenie Meyer’s blog. I fervently hope it will actually be written and published. I found the books at Costco. The first one was half-price in paperback, so I bought it, despite the fact that we have very little money to be throwing around right now. And yet, I’m contemplating buying the second one, also half-price, when I go back next time. I re-read parts of the fourth book. I finished it again tonight.

The last time I became really obsessed with something, I understood it. It was 2003 and I had just gotten hurt. I was in excruciating pain most of the time. The only thing I could do that didn’t automatically cause pain? Watch TV. TNT had re-runs of Law & Order, and before Law & Order, there were back-to-back episodes of Charmed. I became obsessed with Charmed. When we got our TiVo that July, I recorded all 4 episodes every day, plus the re-runs on UPN. Although I had never been big into the supernatural, it was immediately clear to me why I was all about the Halliwell sisters.

Here were three strong women, who, while beautiful, were also within normal looking parameters. OK, maybe not Alyssa Milano, but whatever. They all had powers that could stop the bad guys. But most importantly, they lived with a gorgeous man who could heal their pain. To someone with a neuropathic pain syndrome, that was the ultimate must-have.

I don’t know how many dreams I had that I was one of the sisters. Despite the fact that Piper (Holly Marie Combs) is my favorite, I was often Phoebe (Alyssa Milano). I remember one dream that took place in the offices at Oracle in NH.

So, Charmed, I get.

But Twilight? My exposure to vampires has been the Buffy and Angel episodes Max watches. I think they’re OK, overall, but not great.

Some of the attraction may be the romance, but then, wouldn’t any kind of romance do? I have no real desire to read romance as a genre. The immortality theme coming so soon after my mom died? Iffy. Maybe the close knit vampire family?

I can’t say that I identify with Bella or any of the other characters. I find them all interesting, though I could do without the hundreds of pages about Jacob. I find myself wanting to watch the movie just so I can see what the Cullens look like. The way Meyer describes them completely doesn’t match what I think of in my head.

Usually, I understand why I’m attracted to something. This time, I really don’t get it. I’m not sure it matters. It’s just something that’s been going through my head, and I wanted to write it down.


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