Stupid Stupid Book That Makes Me Stay Up ‘Til All Hours of the Night Reading It

A new friend (via Jack’s excellent preschool) pressed upon me her copy of Twilight – the first in the series. I didn’t particularly want to read it, but I thought I should see what all the hoopla was about.

As you might guess from the subject line, I read the book. And, I liked it.

Now, it was horribly written. I took Playwriting I & II in college, and Twilight reminded me of how I used to write my scenes. Talk talk talk talk talk… OK, where am I? Right. I don’t need this, or this, or this… add a line there. OK. Done.

It’s not that I could have done a better job writing this book. It’s like a book I would write in my  journal or something. Only far more creative, I must admit. Stephanie Meyer needs … something.

In any case, I started the book Sunday night, read it until 2 in the morning Monday, and then again Monday ’til 2 am Tuesday (even after taking my pain meds, so my head was all loopy, which probably made it take longer). Tonight, I decided, to hell with it. I’m finishing Twilight.

I should have been working on HGTV software for work, or putting labels and postage on the thank you notes from the people who expressed sympathy at my mom’s passing. I should have been writing for I have an email interview to frame and post. Instead, I was reading a badly written, yet intensely interesting book about a vampire and the girl who loves him.

I’m not sure if I want to see the movie, on the off chance that it’s better fleshed out than the book, or if I want to stay away. From the pictures I’ve seen, the guy who plays Edward doesn’t look anything like I picture him.

Oh, and a random thought: How is “till” the right way to spell the abbreviation of “until”? I don’t like it. Not one little bit. *hmph*

  • Music:”There Is Life Outside Your Apartment”, Avenue Q

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