End of an Error

(originally posted on LiveJournal)

I watched 0% of anything inauguration related today. We got rid of TV. I didn’t feel like making my way through the maze of analysis in trying to find one place where I could simply watch the speech. I feel bad, because when Jack asks me where I was when Obama became President, I’m going to have to say “sleeping”.
I had absolutely nothing to do with Obama’s win. I’m in CALIFORNIA, for God’s sake! Of course he was going to win here. I didn’t donate, or knock on doors, or take any action of any kind. I just prayed, and hoped, and voted. (I was about to write that that won’t even get you a coffee at Starbucks, but I guess voting would have.)
So yes, I feel like a lump these days, and the fact that I missed the inauguration bothers me on many, many levels. I need to buy Jack an Obama book.


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