I Forgot I Wrote This

(Originally published on LiveJournal)

livejournal10I’m going through one of the docs I wrote at Oracle because Contract Writer isn’t familiar with FrameMaker. All of my Oracle doc was written for writers. I was looking at this topic, about filing bugs against our group:

To log a bug or enhancement request, you must obtain an account for the Bug Database. You may have an account already. However, if you do not, obtaining an account is a painless process. Click the Create Account link on the Bug Database home page. Follow the instructions. You should receive your account information within minutes via e-mail.
Log a bug when:
■ You have verified with a Doc Processes group member that the behavior is not expected.
■ You experience behavior different than that described in the documentation (yes, this is a clever ploy to encourage reading the doc).
■ You find a blatant error in the documentation.
■ You cannot imagine that a kickline of tapdancing reindeer is supposed to appear on screen when you create XHTML.

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