The HP Magic Giveaway and Me

(Originally published on LiveJournal)

livejournal01Some of you may have heard of the HP Magic Giveaway. Some of you may even be entering. For those of you who don’t know, HP and Microsoft are giving away $6000 worth of computer equipment and software, 50 times. Fifty blogs are participating in the contest, and each has its own rules. 

As soon as I heard about the contest (on Stop, Drop, and Blog, which I highly recommend, contest or not), I bookmarked it and clipped it to Evernote. Each day, I am checking the new blogs that go live. It’s rare that I want something so much that I feel it is my purpose to pursue it. 

I don’t need $6000 worth of computer stuff. But I do need one computer capable of running Windows Vista. I can’t work at home without said computer, and my company won’t issue me a laptop. I am expected to buy my own. Then, I’m expected to repeatedly install and uninstall alpha and beta software and utilities on it. I don’t think so. 

I know, you may be thinking, “poor put upon Robyn has to go to work”, but it’s so much more than that. When I work at work, I see Jack for less than 2 hours each day. I spend as much time commuting as I do seeing my son. Max has had to pick up all the slack, and does far more than his share. When I work at home, I get more time with both of them, and more time to do my part at the house.

We also need a new printer/scanner/copier/julienne-fry-maker. Our current HP isn’t compatible with both of our computers, and it’s temperamental as all get out. With a really good printer, I could maybe start Meant to Be up, slowly of course, on the side. 
(For those of you who missed it, Meant to Be is the name of my home business to create adoption profile books, lifebooks, and custom storybooks. It combines two of my passions, and going back to “yucky work” killed it.)

Still, that’s one computer and one printer. What would I do with the rest?

Our neighbors saved our Sassy cat’s life. They tube fed her at nine o’clock at night, took her to the vet everyday, and called us each night with her status. Our neighbors have provided us with free child care, amazing baked goods, and warm friendship. They’ve had some back luck this year. One of their dogs died after an expensive battle with cancer. Right after Bufford died, their computer did too. I would love to pay them back with one or two of the other computers, and the Microsoft Office suite. They have one son in high school, and another who just graduated and is looking towards the future. They currently have to come to our house to get on the ‘net or to print assignments and job applications. 

There are also two organizations I’d like to see benefit from this contest. The first is BirthMom Buds, a unique organization that mentors expectant mothers and mothers who have placed their children for adoption. I’m an adoptive mom, and yet I’ve learned so much from them. They don’t seem to have a lot of extra money lying around. Whether they would actually use the computer for day-to-day operations, or sell it and use the proceeds, I believe they could use a little “magic” in their organization. Child’s Play is a charity that provides computers and games to children’s hospitals internationally. One of the computers and the Kung Fu Panda DVD would be theirs. I’d like to see it go to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO, where my son’s half-brother spent two months in 2007, recovering from severe seizures. 

This entry is brought to you as the requirement from the blog moosh in Indy

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