Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and family members!

Jack is thankful for rainbows, playgrounds, planes, helicopters, and his toys. (Oh, and pumpkins!) 

Sadly, the camera battery died, so no pics from today. Nana, Grandpa Bob, and Great Grandma came over, Daddy cooked, and we all had a huge, tasty lunch. Jack even ate some turkey. Go protein!

Jack continues to be the smartest little man ever. He’s often funny too. Last night, he helped Mommy dust the shelves and her “breakables”. He rediscovered Mommy’s snow globes. In 1998, Max bought me a Disney Villains snow globe. This year, Jack has discovered the Disney books. One of his favorites is Aladdin, and he really digs Jafar. He says, “Jafar is nice to me. He can come to my house. He can play wif my toys.” Jafar is on the snow globe. So Mommy got it down to play for him. He asked, “Is that Batman?”. I didn’t know what to say. Then Max said in a grave yet funny voice, “No Jack, that’s Satan.” Today, he grabbed the 3 opossum babies from Daddy’s Bone action figure collection and put them on the snow globe. “Look, the opossums are playing wif him!” I said, “Yes Jack, the opossums are playing with Satan.”

File that in the category of words I never thought I’d say. 

In other news…

Jack is having a love/hate relationship with his big boy bed. We were able to get a Thomas ensemble used for less than half the price new. We often find ourselves with a kicking visitor around 2 or 3 am. 

Jack is also blaming my friend’s daughter for everything that breaks in our house. For example, one of his books got some sticky stuff on it, and Jack said, “That not me. That Baby Emmy.” *sigh*

Also, please pray for Jack’s birthmom. She has been in an abusive relationship for the past year, and she finally found the strength to leave. We pray that she remains safe at the shelter, and takes advantage of their counseling and legal services so she can really change and start a new page of her life.


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