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livejournal01With 44.2% of precincts reporting, Proposition 8, which eliminates the right of gay couples to marry, is going to pass. The “yes” people are up by 400,000 votes.
Yes, Barack Obama won, and I am incredibly happy – really I can’t describe the mixture of emotions. I’m going to get a Barack Obama poster for Jack’s room.
But I find it disconcerting, that while most of the country has shown that we’re over bigotry, hatred, and prejudice, my very own state is demonstrating that, no, we haven’t come all that far.
I should have done more. For both Obama and 8. Had I been an SAHM, I would have gone to more rallies, put up signs, and written more letters. My completely useless job, in which I help no one, interfered with my ability to help millions of Californians, including some good friends. And it’s not just Caifornians. If we became the second state to allow gay marriage, other states would follow. How many people  could I have swayed if I had made that a priority? OK, not 400,000, but more than the few I did sitting at my dinner table with my family.
I’m praying that I wake up in the morning and 8 has been defeated. I pray that the close-minded, fearful, and ignorant do not win this one. But I have a feeling that they will, and there’s nothing I can do about it.


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Nov. 7th, 2008 06:14 pm (UTC)
Sadly, prop 8 is forcing religion into our state constitution, where it absolutely does not belong. It is unconscionable that these wacko religious groups are allowed to force their influence into the legislature and over all Californians.The sole reason these nutjobs want to ban gay marriage is because they think some invisible dude in the sky says it’s a sin. Well, according to some religion sects, re-marrying after a divorce is also a sin. Shall we also legislate that no divorcees are allowed to married either?

I’m absolutely disgusted that this has passed. On one hand, we are taught that we should respect the voice of the voters, but on the other hand, just because it is a majority view does not mean it is an ethical, just, or correct view. Fifty years ago, the religious wack-jobs used the bible as an excuse to ban interracial marriage, and because an ignorant hateful majority believed in it, the laws stood.

But as time has passed, these unjust laws have been struck down, so it is my hope that it is only a matter of time before these civil rights are restored. With Obama in office, I have much more hope that I will see these events come to pass.

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