Brief back story: Max really likes ferrets. Ferrets are illegal in California (stupid chicken lobby). We do, however, have many stuffed animal ferrets, one of whom Jack knows well.

Tonight, Jack picked up our Beanie ferret, Runner (given to Max by my mother years ago). He asked, “What this one?”

Mommy: He’s a ferret.

OK… we read books and get ready for bed. A bunch of stuffed animals go into his crib with him.

Jack: Where my beaver? 

Mommy: He’s a ferret, and he’s right here.

Jack: What he do?

Mommy: He runs. That’s why his name is Runner. He runs, and climbs, and eats raisins.

Jack: (forcefully) No! Only people eat raisins.

Mommy: But there are enough raisins for people and ferrets.

Jack: NO! 

Runner climbs into Mommy’s sleeve.

Mommy: Actually, real ferrets do that too. They climb into people’s clothes. 

Jack: (smiles and giggles) What he say?

Mommy: Wicky-wicky,

Jack: (giggles and smiles) Uh-uh.

Mommy: Yes. Wicky-wicky. They squeak like that.

Jack: No. Mice squeak.

Mommy: Yes, but mice squeak “squeak-squeak”. Ferrets squeak “wicky-wicky”.

Jack: Uh-uh. 

Mommy: Yes, they do. We’ll have to find someone with a ferret for you to see.

Jack: I can pet him?

Mommy: Yes, you can pet him. 

Jack: (worried) He won’t climb up me? 

Mommy: No, he won’t climb up you. Ferrets only climb up big people.

(Note: Ferrets don’t really like kids.)

Jack: And I a little people.

I love being the Mom tonight!

And in other news: VOTE people! Barack Obama and NO on Prop 8!


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