A Good Night to Be a Mommy

Jack was ever-so-cute tonight. The really cute stuff is at the end, so if you’re pressed for time, I suggest to scroll to the play-like dialog stuff.
I picked him up from school early so we could buy new shoes. In the car, every time we went under an overpass, he would cry “A tunnel! We going through a tunnel!”. He also pretended that we were in a plane, flying to Gramma Sandy’s house. When I told him we were going to dinner with Great-Grandma, he said, “And Nana and Grampa?”. And I said, “No, just Great-Grandma”. Well, he had a little fit, pining for Nana and Grandpa. So I told him that Great-Grandma was going on vacation to visit Aunt Monica, Uncle Ed, and some of Jack’s cousins. So then Jack asks, “Orion? Where Orion live? Where Orion house?” Orion is my sister’s oldest son, and they came to visit back in July. Jack still asks after him from time to time. I told him where Orion lives, and Jack was OK with that.
He wanted to be in the backpack (Ergo) to walk to the shoe store, and I had a dickens of a time getting him in because there wasn’t a bench nearby for us to stand/sit on. A random woman walked by – she looked like Cherry, my friend Susan’s friend, for anyone reading this who might know her – anyway, she asked if we needed help, and she helped us out. Very nice.
Jack noticed that there is a “splash mountain” near the shoe store. Indeed, there were two. So we stopped at one and I leaned in so he could get a little splashed.
At the shoe store, it took him approximately 10 seconds to find the Wall*e crocs. Yes, there are Wall*e crocs and they are $32.99. They also only come in whole sizes. So I had Jack try one on to show him, see, it didn’t fit. And he accepted that. But if he couldn’t get Wall*e shoes, he wasn’t going to get any shoes. I had been all set to get him a treat in the store. This shoe store carries some Thomas and Friends trains. But he threw a fit, so I managed to try a pair of shoes on, they fit, and I bought them. He finally calmed down when another little boy came in the store and tried to touch the Thomas stuff. Jack said, “That’s for Christmas!” and the little boy jumped back. The shoe lady did let Jack pick a sticker, and we found Nemo, so all was good.
Then, Jack walked back to the car with me. But he was confused. He said, “We going to a res-tar-rant?” Yes. “We walking to the res-tar-rant.” No. Uh-oh. Jack said, “We have to walk to the res-tar-rant. There are too many cars!”
I told Jack that I was sorry, but we had to drive. Next time, I’d pick a restaurant that was closer. We passed Fresh Choice, and Jack pointed and said, “We going to that res-tar-rant?” No. We were going to one that Great-Grandma liked. “She like THAT res-ar-rant!” OK…
Then I made the mistake of saying that I had to go to the Elephant Pharmacy. Jack freaked at the idea of seeing elephants and animals. I explained that, no, it wasn’t a zoo, it was a grocery store, and I don’t know why they call it the Elephant Pharm. Jack got very distracted and into the idea of “finding animals I can pet”. I mentioned going to a pumpkin patch and he yelled “NO! I want to go to the zoo!” Ah well.
We got to the restaurant, and Jack was relatively charming, eating some of his dinner and a lot of Great-Grandma’s.
So, here’s where it gets good. Jack was very sweet to Great-Grandma and gave her hugs and kisses. On the way home, he once again pretended we were on a plane, and that it was dark on the plane. He saw some real planes and talked about the “big jet plane” and how he wanted to get on a jet plane and go see “Gramma Sandy and Grampa Clyde”. Then he asked, “We can touch the plane?”
Me: Umm… yeah, if we can get close to it.
Jack: We can touch it?
Me: Yes, but it’s hard to reach it.
Jack: It not break-able? We can touch it?
Me: OH! Yes, Jack, we can touch it. It’s not breakable. But planes fly very high in the sky.
Jack: I need someone lift me up.
Me: Oh Jack, no one can lift you up that high.
Jack: The moon is cold.
Me: Yes, Jack, the moon is cold.
Jack: We can touch it? It not breakable?
Me: Well, Jack, the moon is very far away. If you grow up and become an astronaut, then you can touch the moon.
Jack: I need an as-so-not to bring me to touch the plane.
Me: No Jack. You need an astronaut to bring you to the moon. You need to be a pilot to touch a plane.
Jack: I need an as-so-not to bring me to the moon.
Me: Yes Jack. You need an astronaut to bring you to the moon.
We got home, and Jack helped by getting Daddy to come out and help me with the stuff that always accompanies Jack. Daddy and Jack watched Wall*e – the one with MO in it (but that’s another post) – and they went up to take a bath.
Then, I heard Jack announce “I peeing!”
Daddy: That’s great Jack!
Jack: I get M n M now?
Daddy: Jack, just let me see in the toilet to check… You did pee! Good job Jack!
Mommy: (coming upstairs with pjs and a towel) You peed? Great job Jack!
Jack: I get M n M!
Daddy: Just let me wash my hands and I’ll get you one.
Mommy comes into the bathroom and grabs the M&M canister. She gives Jack a green one.
Jack: I can have five?
Mommy: You can have one.
Jack: I can have four?
Daddy: You can have one.
Jack: Three?
Mommy: No, Jack, one.
Jack: Two?
Mommy: If you’re a really good boy and behave in the bath, then you can have one more M&M.
And he was good in the bath, so he got another M&M. A red one.
Mommy: I figure if we only use M&Ms for bathroom-related treats, we’re all good.
Daddy: (puzzled) Why?
Mommy: Because we don’t want M&Ms to become blase.
Daddy: (confused look)
Mommy: We only want to give him M&Ms for bathroom-related behavior…
Daddy: OH! I thought you said RED M&Ms and I was confused.
After bath, Mommy and Jack go into Jack’s room. Jack asks for dots – that is, his lotion, which we put on every other night to keep his skin from getting itchy. So, I loaded him up with dots, and he smoothed them in. (I won’t include Daddy’s Silence of the Lambs reference.)
Jack gave Daddy a good hug, and we sat down to read Olivia and the Missing Toy. Not to spoil the plot, but Perry the dog chews up Olivia’s best toy. Jack commented on this while reading. Then he realized that our cat Jinxy was in the room with us.
Jack: Jinxy not chew up my toys.
Mommy: No, Jack, Jinxy does not chew up your toys.
Jack: Jinxy not chew my toys. (gets off Mommy’s lap) Jinxy can have my duck.
He fishes a cloth duck out of the block bin (I guess the duck was helping Duplo Pooh build a house) and extends it to Jinxy.
Jack: She can have my duck. Here Jinxy, you can have my duck. You not chew on it. Here Jinxy. Jinxy can have my duck. She not break it. Here Jinxy.
Jinxy: Confused, lazy look at Jack
Mommy: You want to give the duck to Jinxy?
Jack: Here Jinxy. See, I sharing my toys! (Glee!)
Mommy: Yes, you’re doing a good job Jack. If you want to give the duck to Jinxy you can, but you don’t have to.
Jack: Here Jinxy. (Puts the toy about a foot from Jinxy’s head.)
Mommy: (Picks up toy) Here, I’ll give it to her. Here you go Jinx.
Jinxy: sniff sniff look up tilt head
Mommy: I think she says “Thank you Jack” but she’s not in the mood to play right now.
Jack: Oh. (Takes duck back.)
Mommy: But you did a good job sharing.
Then, we brushed Jack’s teeth while discussing why we have cats and not dogs – dogs chew up toys. We went and read Olivia one more time. Jack giggled HYSTERICALLY at the part where Olivia looks under the cat. We turned out the light and said “night night” to the street. Then Jack put his hands up and said loudly “Up! Up!” I was confused.
Jack: I waking the sun up.
Mommy: (perhaps a bit more seriously than she should) Oh, don’t do that Jack! He’s sleeping. He needs his sleep.
Jack: (chastened look)
Mommy: The sun was awake all day, and now it’s time for him to go night-night.
Jack: He go in his rocking chair?
Mommy: Yes, he rocks with his Mommy in his rocking chair.
Jack: What’s his Mommy’s name?
Mommy: Umm… I don’t know. But I think his Daddy’s name is Zeus.
Jack: What’s his Mommy’s name?
Mommy: I don’t know.
Jack: Zeus.
Mommy: No, that’s his Daddy’s name. Hera? I think it might have been Hera.
Jack: Zeus-ee
Mommy: Zeus was his Daddy. We’ll have to ask Daddy.
And then I sang Jack to sleep in the rocker.
A very, very good night to be a Mommy.

Jack Kisses Jinxy

May 14: Jack Kisses Jinxy

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