Sassy Update, Week 7

(originally published on LiveJournal)
This is Sassy:

Sassy Eating

You may notice a few things:
  • She’s eating!
  • You can see her neck.
  • Her neck doesn’t have a tube in it.

Last Monday (the 22nd, I believe) Max was feeding Sassy when Sassy bolted, leaving the tube in Max’s hand. (No offense, sweetie, but I’m glad I wasn’t here. I would not have handled that well.) Max spent most of the day at the vet, where they said it would be $500 to re-insert the tube, but we could try getting her to eat on her own.
Now, the vets swore that the tube didn’t make eating harder for Sassy. However, when I sat that dry food down in front of her, she wolfed it down. DRY food. Until about 2 days ago, she was eating 2-3 cans of food per day, and we left 1/3 cup of dry food upstairs for her and downstairs for our outdoor cat. It’s hard to tell who was eating what, as Sassy would actually come downstairs and Jinxy would run upstairs to see if any wet food was left (it usually wasn’t).
Moreover, Sassy is Sassy again. She’s not sleeping in the bathrooms, she’s sleeping with me! (On my head, waking me up. I had forgotten how annoying that was, but I’d rather have the annoyance than the sick Sassy.) She’s moving around to stalk the sunny and shady spots, as appropriate for the time of day. She complains when she doesn’t get fed. She flees from Jack, although Jack has been really nice to Sassy. She seems to be the proper weight. In the last 2 days, she’s been eating only about 2 cans of food, instead of 3, and she does seem to be less food-obsessed. When she has her next weight check, we’ll see what they make of that. I mean, she seems healthy at this point. She’s very much NOT yellow. She does scratch at the area around her neck, and has managed to give herself a couple of scabs. The hole where the tube is seems to be healing well, though.
Anyway, the point is, we’re pretty sure that Sassy is “all bedder” as Jack is fond of saying. Thank you to everyone who read and offered assistance, good wishes, and prayers.
Oh, and to my Dad, who told me “She’s old. It’s her time.” ~  😛
You better hope I don’t remember that the next time you get sick. 😛

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Oct. 5th, 2008 08:28 am (UTC)
I am SO glad she is “all bedder”!!! Hugs!!


Oct. 6th, 2008 02:56 am (UTC)
I’m just hoping the vet will agree. She wants Sassy eating about 2-3 big cans of food per day. She was eating that until a couple of days ago, and now she’s eating 2-3 small cans per day. Personally, I think that’s good, because it’s more normal. You know? We’ll see.

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