Sassy Update, Post Vacation

(originally published on LiveJournal)
SassyFor those of you who have been following the Sassy Saga, here’s the latest:
My WONDERFUL neighbor Jeanine and her two teenage boys have been helping immensely. Jeanine would drive Sassy to the vet in the morning and bring her home at night. One night, the vet needed to keep her, because Sassy was vomiting and she needed IV fluids. This was, I believe, Friday.
When we got home at 1am this morning, I had a hard time finding Sassy. I was worried, because whenever we get back from a trip, she’s always at the door wanting love. She was under Max’s desk, and she did seem happy to see us.
She’s no longer on the antibiotic. She is on Reglan. She now gets 3 feedings per day of 55-50mL each. Apparently, that’s worked better for her than the small, constant feedings. Jeanine came over just as Max was feeding Sassy for the first time. Sassy gets the Reglan 30 minutes before each feeding.
According to the vet, Sassy is neither losing nor gaining weight. The last time I took Sassy for a regular physical, the vet was concerned because Sassy was 2 pounds overweight. She lost 2 pounds. So, I’m thinking that, as long as she doesn’t lose, she’s good. Her bilirubin levels are almost back to normal, and she does look much less yellow. Her liver panels are getting better, though still far from normal.
Sassy kept down both feedings today. Jeanine told us that Sassy hadn’t gone upstairs at all, preferring to be in the bathroom, under Max’s desk, or in her box. (Sassy loves boxes!) However, today, Sassy followed me up the stairs, according to Max. I went upstairs and he said Sassy went looking for me. She ended up sleeping under the bed while I tried to sleep on it.
At her second feeding, I brushed her all the way through, and she purred all the way through.
At her first feeding, Jack kept offering Sassy Apple Jacks and milk. It was adorable!
Also, we opened the back door for awhile today, and Sassy positioned herself exactly as she would have if healthy – most of her on the screen, as close to outside as possible, with her bum on the wood floor.
So, it seems that Sassy is doing MUCH better. She’s more like herself, which comforts me. However, she still has a long way to go before she’s healthy. Max will take her to the vet for a weight check on Monday.
Thank you all for caring!
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