Summer Recap

I know I’ve been terrible at updating this blog. I now have a new laptop, and am trying to make up for lost time. I just published a particularly cute story about Jack and Sassy.

This summer has been very busy for us. Mommy’s been working, Daddy’s been working and picking up Mommy’s slack, and Jack started Montessori preschool.

Every Saturday, Mommy, Jack, and sometimes our neighbor Nee-Nee (Jeanine) go to the Brentwood Farmers’ Market. We see the “boom boom bap guys”. The Big Fat Swing Company, which consists of three high school guys who play sax, drums, and piano, plays almost every week. We also go to the “Splash Fountain” – a small but nifty fountain at the end of the street.

On Sundays, we go to the reservoir – and yes, Jack can say “reservoir.” It sounds like “reservoir” too – “rez-eh-var”. Daddy has come with us just once. “Noah an’ Joe” – two friends from the MOMS Club – come with their parents and little brother Elijah. I’ve only taken the camera once, so there are few pictures in existence.

Speaking of the MOMS Club, we left. It’s a long story, but they banned Dads. We’re hoping to remain friends with the moms who didn’t support that initiative.

Jack saw his second movie, Wall*e, with Daddy on July 2, as we recorded here. Since then, he’s been in full Wall*e mode. Nana bought him a Wall*e lunchbox to take to school with him. He is now the coolest kid in town.

Jack can now reliably count to 20. He can recognize most of the uppercase letters and some of the lowercase. He can recognize many numbers, including 10. He has a hard time with “1” and “7” depending on the font.

Now that summer is just about done, we find ourselves in Pittsburgh, PA, visiting “Gramma Sandy and Grampa Clyde”. More news and pictures to come…


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