Sassy Sunday Update

(originally published on LiveJournal)

Sassy came home on Friday night. She immediately threw up. (If vomit makes you squeamish, stop reading now.) But, she took her first and second feedings of the night well. She has a tube in her neck that empties just above her stomach. She is not happy about this.
Sassy is using the litterbox. This is huge for us. Katchoo would just lie there, but Sassy actually waited for me to clean hers before using it on Friday.
She’s being fed around the clock, every 3 hours. 10mL Friday and Saturday, per feeding. During the night Friday to Saturday, the tube became blocked. Apparently, the vet tech either told us wrong, or I wrote it down wrong, and we weren’t putting enough water in with the food.
Saturday afternoon, I gave Sassy her anti-nausea med. When I went to feed her 30 minutes later, she had thrown up. On our bed. And it soaked through 3 sheets and featherbed cover. Onto the featherbed. Which costs as much to dryclean as it did to buy it in the first place.
But I digress.
Based on this and Friday night’s spell, I think that the anti-nausea med caused her to vomit.
Max has been doing the feedings because I lack the hand span to hold Sassy and pump food into her. This is a problem, because on Tuesday, we’re scheduled to go to Pennsylvania to visit Max’s family. As of now, I’m not going. But that means that I will have to figure out how to use the massive syringe and make sure Sassy’s comfy.
She’s thrown up about 1/3 of her feedings, and Max says she hasn’t been throwing up everything. When she throws up, he tries again within 30-45 minutes, and those she’s been keeping down.
As I’m writing this, Max is here. He said that Sassy started to throw up this feeding even before he got any water into her. That’s not good.Sassy is also moving around. She went down the stairs to use the ds bath litter box this afternoon. She jumped onto the couch, and later jumped into her basket. We’re not sure she can make it back UP the stairs.
Thanks to my recent LJ friend magicpointeshoe, I now know that cats can and do survive, if they keep more food down than up.

Sassy is also being social-ish. She came down and sat in the dining room while we ate. She gave Jack looks of contempt. She has a routine of being in certain places at certain times. She won’t eat and doesn’t appear to drink on her own, but she’s slightly less yellow I think.

So, right now, I’m hopeful, whereas on Friday, I was sure Sassy was going to die. The timing of this is an issue, of course. First, it comes after a very expensive summer, and vets aren’t cheap. We had to ask my mom for money. My dad said, “She’s an old cat. It’s her time” and “Jack could use that money.” Thanks Dad. My mom had to take my childhood cat in for cancer surgery, so she understands what we’re going through and is being really nice about it. Even my grandma, who doesn’t like animals, was nice to Sassy today.

Anyway, we’re all supposed to spend 10 days in PA, starting Tuesday night. I don’t want to leave Sassy, although my neighbor has actually volunteered to sleep here and do the feedings. I don’t know if I could have someone do that for me. And I don’t want to be away from Sassy if something happens. OTOH, Jack is very anti-Daddy these days, and would throw a fit at not being with Mommy for so long. And Mommy would also be sad not to have Jack for so long. I mean, a weekend without the kid? Fine. But 10 days? Sure, I could accomplish a lot. But I’d also miss him like crazy. A compromise is me going later in the week. We have to check the airline and see what’s allowed and what it’s going to cost.

I really appreciate any support. We lost Katchoo to this disease 4 years ago this week. I kid you not. She died on Labor Day, 2004. Now, she was much further gone. Katchoo was 24 pounds, and stopped eating in April or May. The vet didn’t figure out the problem until July. So, by the time we got her here, she was 11 pounds. It was awful.

Sassy has only lost 2 pounds. BTW: The reason I wasn’t initially concerned is that the vet told me Sassy could stand to lose one or two pounds. Stupid stupid Robyn creature! Sassy has always hated eating, and has a history of anorexia. Oddly, though, she’s never been sick for us. (We’re her 3rd humans. Her 1st declawed her and dumped her, which is what spurred the anorexia in the first place.) She’s never had an infection. She had worms once. The vet told us she’s in great shape for a cat her age. I’m just hoping that she gets back into that shape, and lives for a long, long time. It’s always been my hope that Sassy will live nicely until at least age 20, at which point she will curl up for the night and just not wake up.

Jack has been very nice to Sassy, and had his cow kiss her. He also gave her a bear to lie down with.


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