Today Sucked

(originally posted on LiveJournal)

Sassy, our 13 year old cat, hasn’t been eating much since we got Firefly in June. She went through a period of not eating, then ate normally again, but in the past 2 weeks, she’s not been eating. Then, last week, she started throwing up. Max took her to the vet yesterday. Sassy is yellow. She has liver disease. She was hospitalized last night.
And that’s just the background.
I woke up this morning and started to work only to see my tank was on E. So I go to get gas, but I have no cards. Fortunately, nppyinzer left $10 in my car (along with a somewhat empty Pepsi can, ahem). So I got 2.5 gallons of gas. Then, there was traffic on 4. So I called my best friend, whom I haven’t talked to in ages. We’re cut off. I need to top of my phone. Oh – right! I remember, I have to update my credit card. But I don’t have a card with me, so I can’t.
I finally get to work, and my computer tells me it needs to install updates. OK. My MacBookPro won’t print on my printer at home. (It did, then I updated my driver with Apple Update, and now it won’t print). I brought it to work, to print the letters I’ve written to Jack’s birthmom. (I’ve been holding on to this package since June.) I can’t get onto the network at work with the MBP, although I have been able to in the past. Fine. I made PDF files. I put them on my external USB drive, which is mostly for my Windows machine, but I’ve been using it to ferry files.
I plugged my USB drive into my work computer. My work computer was slow. It wouldn’t print my PDF files.
Update said it needed to restart. OK. I get a ton of errors, and then get more when it finally restarts. IT Guy came over and determined I had a virus. He had to scan my machine, which ended up taking the rest of the day. I was going to just come home to work but…
Apparently, Vice President put a bug in Manager’s Manager’s ear about working at home, possibly because he called me (without leaving a message) while I was working at home. Even if I had been at work, I could have been in the bathroom or something. So anyway, Manager, although peeved, thinks we need to put in appearances. Despite the fact that NO ONE TALKS to me at work. Ever. Seriously.
So Manager set up my test machine in another cube and I worked from an old computer. Or tried to. The program I’m documenting has some MAJOR features missing, including some really HUGE bugs. Like, the Print dialog box is missing two tabs. I can’t search. I can’t properly set color. Like that.
Neither of the program managers for the 2 products I’m working on have responded to my email messages in a week. I can’t seem to get a bug tracking account so I can log these bugs; I have to email them to the PMs and hope they log them.
In July, I lost my glasses and had to get new ones, fast. I also lost my eye insurance card. So, I talked to our benefits woman who gave me the URL of the provider, and I ended up going to a Site for Sore Eyes because they could get me glasses same day. I spent close to $400 of money that we don’t have. I’ve been going ’round and ’round with various benefits people, and I finally got a reply – I’d get $174 back, but I’m out $266 because the glasses I chose weren’t covered by the plan. If I DIDN’T have eye insurance, I would have paid less. I didn’t want the friggin plan to begin with, but someone convinced me it would be worth it. Riiiight.
Meanwhile, nppyinzer forgot to pay our water bill, so we have no water at home. I’ve been threatening for months to take over the finances, and now all I need is Quicken for Mac. (I’m sorry honey.) Anyway, he paid the bill online, so hopefully we’ll get our water back tomorrow. But now I need to email my dad because he comes over to water once a week. Or not.
The vet called and Sassy needs to be in the hospital again tonight because she’s not clotting. The vet confirmed that Sassy has the same disease that killed Katchoo in 2004. Now, Katchoo’s problem was way advanced by the time we figured it out. Still, it’s … I just don’t know what’s going to happen. I ended up leaving work at 6:30 and going straight to the vet to visit Sassy. Due East. At sunset. The entire way.
At the vet, Sassy was happy to see me. I got to brush her and pet her, and talk to the nurse. Our bill thus far is $968.
When I got home, I did get some time with Jack. My dinner was 2 pieces of cinnamon toast, some grapes, and some of Jack’s fruit snacks.
I logged into my email. I literally BEGGED my friend and her husband to take Firefly for the next week or two because Sassy is so ill. We’re going on vacation, and I can’t have Firefly here with Sassy. Well, friend’s husband emailed me back saying, I’m sorry, but the cat dander will be here permanently, and I’m allergic to cats. Ever since I’ve know him, he’s lived with cats. It’s only been in the past year that he’s been cat-free. Also, you don’t do that to a friend. You just don’t. You don’t say, gee, I’m sorry that your cat may be dying the week before you have to go visit your in-laws across the country, but we can’t take the kitten you’re not even supposed to have because I’m worried about sneezing.
So, I’m pissed at friend’s husband, and a little bit at friend too. I’ve done a lot for them. Granted, they’ve done a decent amount for me too. But still.
And then I watch the Olympics and Alicia Sacramone loses a medal because of the aforementioned judges being blackmailed by the Chinese government. The Chinese gymnast FELL. What the fuck?!?
I hate my job. I have to go to Target. I’m mad at my friend. I can’t find my ATM card. I have no water to shower.
Yeah. Today sucked.

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