Week in Review

Anything I want to remember about this week?
Oh yes!
First, we went swimming at our friend’s house. Jack always has fun playing at Morgan’s, especially when swimming is involved. After swimming, he twirled around the living room with the little girls. (There was only one other boy there, and he and Jack don’t get along.)
The next day, we went to a birthday party for another friend. When she was opening her presents, someone tried to look at an open one, and she said, “Mine!” in a voice and face that was a perfect impression of Golum (Lord of the Rings).
Our friend was selling her “boom-boom bap” kit, so I ended up buying it for Jack. He wanted to play it immediately, but he had to go to day care, so I fibbed: “Daddy has to put it together.” When we got home, though, a happy Jack played boom-boom bap for us.
Over the weekend, I came down from bed and Jack jumped off the couch yelling, “Mommy’s awake! Mommy’s awake!”. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs to get my hug. But no! Jack ran to his drum set and started playing.

Jack Playing Boom-Boom Bap

Jack Playing Boom-Boom Bap


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