Hell on Wheels, Part Two

So, the day after the hair-pulling incident, Jack was a model citizen at day care. We began using Jamba Juice as a reward – have a good day at Angie’s, get Jamba Juice. (The Matcha Green Tea Smoothie is his favorite. Let there be no doubt that this is my kid.)

He was normal to good for the past two weeks. On Friday (5/23), Jack proudly announced, “I kep my hands to my-self” and got a Jamba Juice. He had JJ on Wednesday (5/21) and, I believe on Monday (5/19) as well.

This Monday was Memorial Day, so, no day care. (Although, Jack did ask to go to day care.) Tuesday, he had a good day, but Max was late to pick him up, so Max didn’t know he had a good day until we were all home and I was reading the composition book from Angie’s. Yesterday, we had playgroup, and I think he was being a good guy. He might have pushed a girl.* He did scratch one of the boys. There’s one little guy he just always ends up in a fight with; sometimes it’s his fault, sometimes it’s the other kid. Life’s like that I guess.

His day care day was dismal. He had taken some toys of his own and would not share, despite the fact that he had taken toys the day before and shared very well. He sassed Angie, and got into a fight with the little girl at day care.

Today, Max called me – Angie called, and Jack needed to come home, because he was pulling little girl’s hair.

There are physiological changes going on:

  • Jack has seasonal allergies. We gave him children’s Zyrtec last night, 1 tsp, per dr’s orders.
  • Jack is getting molars.
  • Jack is eating everything. He’s having a growth spurt.

There’s also a lot going on at home. I’m working. Jack wants nothing to do with Daddy, which is really hurting Max. We’re practicing sitting on the toilet, and occasionally Jack will pee or poop. We’re putting a lot of emphasis on how he’s getting to be a big boy. One of the boys at day care is already toilet trained, and Jack wants to wear underwear like him. We’ve told him that he can do so when he’s ready to tell us when he needs to go to the bathroom.

That was a digression. Anyway… I’m thinking that, with so much going on, Jack is just acting out. I’m hoping that we can focus on the positive. When I talked to him tonight, I just said that I knew he had a bad day, and everyone has a bad day here and there. I said that tomorrow, he just needed to practice keeping his hands to himself. He said, “I have to keep my hands to my-self. I have to practice. I have to play baseball. I need a bat.”

Let there be no doubt that this is my kid.

* At one point, another girl in playgroup screamed. I was closest and turned around. She was there and there were 2 boys close to her, and Jack a bit further away. All she could say was “Pushed me”. And I asked, “Who?” and she said, “Me!” The other boys skedaddled, so I asked Jack, “Did you push her?” and he said, “Yeah.” But I don’t think he did. He was involved in selecting toys from the bins when I looked over at first. So, I told him that we have to make sure not to push people and just let him go.


One thought on “Hell on Wheels, Part Two

  1. I think it’s a bit unreasonable of your daycare to ask that he get picked up for pulling hair. Ok yea, pulling hair isn’t “ok” but it’s totally normal at his age and it’s not like he’s stabbing people with pencils or something. *shrug*

    Good luck on the toilet training. My son, who is just about to turn 2, isn’t the least bit interested.

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