Where’s Robyn? In a Stupor

(originally published on LiveJournal)

OK, so, here’s the condensed version of the exposition: In February, I changed doctors. He recommended a new drug – the only FDA-approved drug for neuropathy (nerve pain). Blue Cross denied it and denied it and finally, after many hours on the phone, and faxing over 39 pages of medical records, they approved it.
Just after, a friend sent me her samples.

So, I’m ramping up on this stuff – Lyrica – by taking 1 75mg pill every night. I’m supposed to take 3 75mg pills per day.


Every time I’ve taken it, I slowly get more and more tired until I sleep and sleep and sleep and only wake up because either my stomach says “I’m hungry” or I finally have the presence of mind to look at the clock and freak out when I realize I’m going to be really late for work! That was Monday, actually, and Max had to drive me because I could not drive. I was so dizzy, for about half of the day. A Starbucks mocha helped a bit.

Monday night, I didn’t take the Lyrica because Max couldn’t drive me to work and I had to be there.
Last night, I took the Lyrica and again, very tired, no desire to do anything, woke up at 10:30am (I work at home on Wednesdays), tried to start work, couldn’t focus, everything was spinny, took a nap where I had awful dreams about Jackson and laundry and the movie Bring It On.

I talked to Holly at the dr’s office and she will have the doctor call me tomorrow (Thursday).

I hate hate hate hate hate being dependent on drugs.




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