Talk Talk Talk

Jack loves to talk! And he has so much to talk about!

Today, it was 80 degrees outside, and Max cleaned up our balcony, where Jack’s “seeds and water table” is (long story about the seeds). So, Jack comes out while Max is cleaning, I help clean and goalie Jack, but Jack keeps getting in Max’s way. So I bring Jack back into the house, while he’s crying and screaming, because this kid LOVES to be outside. He gets in the house, and he’s all frowny-faced at the door. I said to him, “Jack, you kept getting in Daddy’s way while he’s cleaning up for you.” And Jack says, very methodically, “No. More. Cleaning.” It took a lot for me not to smile. I said, “No touching anything but your seeds and water table.” And he says, “No touching mats.” And I say, OK, and let him back out with me. He tells Daddy, “No touching mats. No touching brooms. No touching hose.” and starts to play with the water in the table.

A bit later, he decided that he wanted to sit on a chair, which was fine. So he sat down, and stretched his legs out, looked up, and said, “It’s a nice day out!”.  Adorable!

While he was sitting, he reiterated what he was not to touch, adding “No touching Daddy.” And Max said, “No, Jack you can touch Daddy.” So Jack poked Max’s hand and said, “Touch.”

Jack loves to say our names: “My Daddy Max. My Mommy Robyn.” He knows all of his grandparents’ names – “Kaffy”, “Bob”, “San-ee”, and “Clyde”.

Last night, we were looking at pictures from day care, and Jack was pointing to the kids and telling me who they are. (I’ll have to download them because there’s a visual joke to share.) Anyway, I pointed to one kid saying, “That’s Nico?” because I didn’t know. And Jack said, “No. That Joseph. That Nico. And that Jack.” pointing to each one as he said it.  He’s really liking his new day care situation, and so are we. I’ll have to write a post devoted to it.

Tomorrow (well, today really, as I’m up late. Again. As usual.) Nana, Grandpa, and Great-Grandma are coming over. Jack first said the words “Great-Grandma” in February 2007, on cue. I’m not sure I ever told that story. It was awesome! We were working on it just before she came to visit, and I asked Jack, “Who’s that?” and my grandmother was holding him, and he said, “Gate-Gamma”. I’m not sure I had ever seen my grandmother happier. Certainly not since my grandpa died.

Off to bed with Mommy. Soon, I will get more pictures ready and announce this blog to the world!

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