Poor, Cute, Smart Little Man

Jack has something wrong with his eyes. They’re all puffy, and the right one is almost swollen shut. He’s going to the doctor with Daddy at 4. Poor little guy. Last night, we went to give him Benadryl, and he was confused. He pushed it away saying, “No mouth. Need med-sin for eyes.” So I told him that he would drink the medicine and his mouth would send a message to his eyes to feel better. He drank down the medicine, then said, “Mouth tell eyes to feel better.” Poor, cute, smart little man!


2 thoughts on “Poor, Cute, Smart Little Man

  1. Sorry you are struggling with allergies. Those can be a bummer. I hope Jack feels better soon. My eyes have been driving me nuts too.

    Off topic question, how did you get your Flickr photos to show up on your blog?


  2. The WordPress theme that I chose (Sapphire) has a Flickr widget. I put the widget into the page. Then, I went to Flickr and found the little orange RSS button at the bottom left, clicked it, copied the link, and put that link in the widget. It took while to figure out!
    Jack is feeling better. I’m thinking about homeopathic allergy treatments though, as I don’t want him on Zyrtec for the rest of his life.

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