Monday, Blah

(originally published on LiveJournal)
Set my alarm for 7. PM. Oops! Woke up at 8am.
Get into work. Last week, Manager and I spent time converting a PDF document into Word into FrameMaker. I was here until 7pm on Friday night fixing the damn thing. Today, we got all the FrameMaker files. We could have avoided a week of tedious monkey work if Manager has just waited to get all the files. So now, I’m copying Index markers from the old FM doc into the new FM doc. And these people used commas (,) which isn’t right, so I have to replace every comma with a semi-colon (;) or a colon (:) as necessary. There are 49 chapters in this book. I’m on Chapter 5 after working for 1 hour.
I cannot keep my eyes open.
My knee is at a  6 on the pain scale. This means that the pain is there even if I’m not using my knee (that is, when I’m sitting, even if I do have it elevated), there’s a great deal of poking going on, and my brain is telling me “sleep, you’ll feel better, because you can ignore the pain.” I’m going to be drinking my second jumbo mug of tea for this morning. I’m hoping my knee will feel better later so I can walk the 5 minutes to Starrbucks and get a mocha to keep me awake this afternoon.
I haven’t had a chance to apply for the jobs that I found and loved on Craigslist. I’ll have to do that tonight.
And Jack has something wrong with his eyes. They’re all puffy, and the right one is almost swollen shut. He’s going to the doctor with Max at 4. Poor little guy. Last night, we went to give him Benadryl, and he was confused. He pushed it away saying, “No mouth. Need med-sin for eyes.” So I told him that he would drink the medicine and his mouth would send a message to his eyes to feel better. He drank down the medicine, then said, “Mouth tell eyes to feel better.” Poor, cute, smart little man!
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