First Sunday Update

Still haven’t gotten around to announcing the existence of this blog yet. It’s work’s fault.

Some goals for this blog:

  • Posting weekly updates
  • Cataloging Jack’s numerous words
  • Sharing incredibly cute stories
  • Publishing more pictures more often
  • Adding some extra pages with Jack’s “reading list” and toy reviews

So, for this week – It was a decent Jack week. As I type this, he is asleep. Today, we went to the park and played in the sand. I think he must have got some in his eyes as he had been rubbing them all day. By bed time, they were extremely puffy, even after a bath. We gave him some Benadryl.

He’s liking his new day care provider – Angie – and so are we. She’s incredibly sweet, and very communicative. She has 4 other kids there around Jack’s age, as well as her 9 y/o daughter and one baby girl. We went to the Jungle (a play space) on Saturday, and I met one of the other parents. Nice time.

What else we did this week:

  • Saturday (4/5): Went to Contra Loma Regional Park and saw lots of cows (I have video, and it’s adorable! Jack kept saying “Hello cows. Nice to see you!” and “Moo!”)
  • Friday (4/4): I worked until very late and was very upset about doing so.
  • Wednesday (4/2): Playgroup in the morning, and we had fun, although someone brought up vaccines. I had to leave the room. I brought Jack to Angie’s after that, then came home. I was in a lot of pain on Wednesday and Thursday, probably from a lot of walking.
  • Tuesday (4/1): I fell prey to one April Fool’s Day joke.
  • Monday (3/31): Jack did two cute things that I want to write about. I wrote them down in my paper journal, which I don’t have with me right now. I will remember to post them eventually.

Some of Jack’s new words this week: digest (digesting), insane, static electricity

I haven’t downloaded any of April’s pictures to the computer yet. I’ll have to add one in here from March and just deal. I have 283 pictures from February, and I’m still going through and renaming and cropping them. I have 274 from March 1 – 27.

We have been reading Micawber, by John Lithgow, as our last book each night before lights out. I highly recommend it! It’s about a squirrel who paints, but that brief synopsis does not do the book justice. It’s written in rhyme, complete with big words like “peregrination” and “beguiler.” I love it!


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