Welcome to Our World!

We all know that what the world truly needs is another blog.

I just had to join the crowd of people blogging about their kids. (This is Robyn writing this. I anticipate that Max may write from time to time. Even Jack might do so, as he loves to type.)

Why did I create this blog?

  1. I’m just not that good at updating Jack’s web page. I can quickly post something new here, and put it on our web site when I get around to it.
  2. I have the ability to archive. All the information that I write about Jack each time I update the web site goes into a little file. Well, now that little file can go away and become posts. People can look at the old and the new.
  3. I write a bit about Jack on my LiveJournal, but it’s not as accessible a format as this type of blog.
  4. I want to make sure that I capture as much as possible.

So, welcome to Jack’s new blog!

About the URL: This is called chittisterchildren.wordpress.com because, someday, we will adopt again. It’s possible we might have more than the two children we’re planning on, so I couldn’t just name it jackandcassie.wordpress.com, for example. So, it’s Chittister Children, and for now, it’s Just Jack’s Blog.

Jack on Slide

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