Another Scrapbooking Day Gone

  • Feb. 4th, 2008 at 12:56 AM

Without any actual scrapbooking taking place.
Sundays are supposed to be my scrapbooking days.
For the past several weeks, I’ve gotten nothing done. Max and Jack were sick. Jack has a tendency to want Mommy. Although he had been doing better, the past week or so Max has been very short-tempered with Jack, which makes Mommy feel like she needs to help out.
I was working on work email last night – thank you notes for interviews (more on that in a later post), and was up until 2:30am. Jack woke up at 3:30am. He was scared of the wind. I tried bringing him into our bed. He didn’t sleep. Brought him back to his room at 4:15am, then he woke up again around 5:00am. I finally put him down for good at 5:30am. So, in all of that time, I got an hour’s sleep. Jack and Max came in to wake me sometime after 10:00am. I went back to sleep, and had dreams within dreams. I woke up for good at 12:20pm.
Max hadn’t gotten any sleep, so I foolishly offered to help with Jack. This was foolish because, a) I knew I didn’t really want to do it, I just felt like I had to, and b) because my knee has been seriously hurting this past week (again, more on that in a later post). So, after trying to put Jack down, during which he kept kicking my knee (it’s just where his feet land, it’s not malicious), I was in so much pain, there was no way I could sit and do regular (paper) scrapbooking. So, I decided to try some digital scrapbooking.
My plan for 2008 has been to digitally scrapbook each month at the end/beginning of the month. So, I spent some time perusing digital download sites, and spent about $20 on some new kits.
Jack  never napped.
Meanwhile, I have over 400 pictures from January 2008, none of which were named or cropped. I hate that digital cameras don’t take true 4×6 photos. Even if I am going digital for the scrapbooks, I still order pictures for Jack’s birthmom and some family members who don’t have email. Very frustrating.
Jack went to sleep between bites of his dinner, around 6:30pm. Max put him down.
I went down to eat dinner around 7:50pm. Jack woke up. Max was short-tempered, so I went up and read Jack a book. I thought I would then deliver Jack to Daddy and go back up and maybe start a page.
Yeah right.
Max went to put Jack down at about 9:30pm, at which point I came up here to install all the kits I downloaded today. I had to organize all of the images and whatnot, and that took me until almost 1:00am.
So, I got NOTHING done, page-wise today.
In my paper world, I’m half-way through my friend Penny’s visit from October 2005. I have 5 more pages of that to do, then the rest of October. November should be 2 pages. December will be long because of all the Christmas cards, photos, and newsletters. I might finish 2005 before the summer at the rate I’m going.
I haven’t decided if 2006 will be digital or paper. Probably mostly digital. Oh, and the weddings from 2005 (Dafna & Michael and Pete & Nina) will also be digital. I should have just done those. I have the pictures and everything ready, it would just be a matter of free-styling the layouts, then looking for coordinating embellishments.
There’s a scrapbook retreat at the end of this month. It’s $220 for 2-1/2 days and overnights. I thought I’d stay over one night, but that’s $200 in itself. I’m trying to figure out what we can afford, and what gives me the most time. If I could go to the retreat, there’s a distinct possibility that I could finish 2005, especially if I actually get some scrapbooking time in the next two Sundays.
I was just counting Sundays on the calendar, then I realized – it’s still on January.
Oh bother!
I’m going to try to post every night this week, as I have a lot to say:

  • Pain Update
  • Jack Being Cute Update (note to self: dolphin in the water, Mickey Mouse)
  • Job Hunt Update
  • Meant to Be Update
  • Current Mood: annoyed annoyed
  • Current Music:”In the Water”, Signing Time!


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