My Son is Scary Smart

So, many of you may notice that I’m constantly talking about how smart my son is. Tonight, he was scary smart.
Brief background: My sister had an old-fashioned Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that somehow ended up here. I introduced Jack. Then, today, he’s wearing pants with MM on them, but the modern version. Apparently, he told Max that he was wearing Mickey Mouse. While we were marveling over this, Jack starts pointing at my shirt. It has postage stamp size pictures of Pooh, a broken honey pot, Tigger, and Eeyore, with a small, intact honey pot and some bees embroidered on it. He points to Tigger and says “Tigger”. Then, he points to the honey pot, and says “Honey pot.”
Max and I were freaked out. I’ve not worn this shirt in at least 6 months, if not more. And we didn’t discuss what the items on my shirt were today. So for him to say “honey pot” … I guess he has reading comprehension?
Scary smart.
Oh, and he can say the whole alphabet and count to 10.


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