We are sick!!!!

If you happen to read this and you live somewhere nearby – HELP
We had colds last weekend – Jack, then Max, then Me.
We got over them, Jack and I, but Max did not.
Then Jack woke up yesterday by throwing up. He couldn’t keep anything down, and he started having the yucky runny diapers.
Jack is better today, still with the runny diapers though.
This afternoon, Max starts feeling nauseous. Jack and I feeling fine, go to Baja Fresh for fajitas.
Come home, Max is fetal in bed. Jack and I still fine. After “rain bath” (shower) I find Max out of bed – he’s throwing up in the other bathroom.
I’m starting to put Jack down, and I feel so nauseous I have to go downstairs and get a drink. I pray to God to at least let me get Jack to sleep before I get sick too.
Jack gets to sleep within 30 minutes, I go lie down. Then I feel the urgent need to go to the bathroom, everything OK, good, then I turn around and vomit vociferously into the sink. So bad, I couldn’t breathe. Max gets me water. I feel better. I decide to use the time while I’m feeling so-so to get onto the computer and “be productive.” Only not really, apparently, because I am now feeling really awful.
I have no idea how I’m going to take my medication tonight. It has to be taken with food…
Help. If we still feel awful tomorrow, we’re not going to be able to take care of Jack.


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