For Anyone Who Does or Does Not Vaccinate His or Her Children

Jack has received 1 vaccine (3 shots), for Hib, a type of meningitis. If he gets any further shots, it will only be after age 2. I want to do a proper post about the vaccine issue, and why we do not vaccinate. Today, a great article about an ad in USA Today appeared. I highly recommend reading the article:
You can also see the ad:

I don’t know if vaccines cause, or help exacerbate, autism. I do know that auto-immune diseases have increased at the same time that the number of vaccines has increased. I do know that there are ingredients in vaccines that I don’t want in my house, let alone in my child. I do know that by age 2, a child whose parents follow the current vaccination schedule will have over 32 vaccinations. At age 2 months, babies are injected with at least diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Hib, polio, PCV, and Hepatitis B. Along with those diseases comes: aluminum (x3), formaldehyde(x2), phenoxyethanol (x2), glutaraldehyde, ammonium sulfate (x3), yeast(x2), thimerosal (x2, you thought it was gone, didn’t you?, nope, just decreased), various antibiotics, soy protein, gelatin, and monkey kidney cells.

Some babies are injected with even more stuff, like the Hepatitis A vaccine, or a new rotavirus vaccine. It’s new because the last one killed more children in its brief appearance than the actual rotavirus does in several years. The flu vaccine still openly contains thimerosal, and is grown in chicken embryos. When we add in Hepatitis A, rotavirus, MMR and chicken pox, we’re also adding material from aborted fetuses.

So, a 2 month old baby’s immune system now has to fend off at least SEVEN diseases, plus find a way to deal with all the excess chemicals, which are not innocuous. Even antibiotics are potential allergens, as are some of the other ingredients. You may say that having the diseases injected in vaccines is not the same as being exposed to all those diseases in “the wild.” You’d be right. These diseases are being injected into a baby’s bloodstream, bypassing the respiratory system which is generally the first line of defense against germs.

I don’t know that vaccines cause more problems than they solve. Nobody does. That’s because the CDC and the Federal government will not conduct a study comparing vaccinated kids to unvaccinated kids. They say it’s because the unvaccinated kids would miss out on the benefits of vaccination, and possibly die. However, children do die due to vaccine-related causes. We also don’t know what’s behind the increases in asthma, severe allergies, rheumatoid arthritis in children, diabetes, epilepsy, autism, and several other neurological and auto-immune diseases. I, for one, want to see a study. So does House Representative Carolyn Maloney, D-FL. If you think that we need to make sure that vaccines aren’t causing health problems in our children, or even if you want to show all the vaccine doubters that you’re right and vaccines are the greatest invention ever, take a look at her proposal, and ask your Congress-person to support such a study.


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