Answering Sanjay’s Question

  • Aug. 29th, 2007 at 11:38 PM

Many moons ago, I posted something about not having any time to post… and caveatman asked me: Start at the beginning. Is this a great deal of good stuff?
I don’t even know where the beginning is. 
Jack has the vocabulary of a 3 year old, and no, that’s not hyperbolic. I was looking up toddler milestones, and 1 book and 2 different web sites all said that a child at 24 months should be able to say “several” single words, and, perhaps, 2-4 word sentences. It’s not until age 3 that a child will generally speak in sentences, or speak and be understood by people outside the family. Jack has 80 million words. OK, not so much. But he does have TONS of words, and about half of them sound like what they are, including “strawberry” and “helicopter.” He also has the sentence concept down: “I love you, name“, “I like x” or “I like it”, as well as several command sentences – “Mommy pick up!” He totally understands what we say, and fortunately hasn’t repeated any of our swear words. Not that I care so much, as I think swearing is a valid form of expression, but I’m not sure I want to explain that to everyone in the MOMS Club.
I was also posting a lot about work. Max & I have decided that I’m going for the adoption profile creation idea. I have a name! Thanks to Krista (aka kitaprov, but she never posts) – Meant to Be: Adoption Profiles, Lifebooks, & More. Long, but it gets the point across. I have a temporary logo, and just last night created a business card. I’ve gotten a few friends to volunteer to let me make scrapbooks for them, in the style of a profile. 
Aside: If any adoptive parents are reading this, I will happily do a profile for you, money and risk-free (OK, you’d need to pay for the actual cost of printing the book, if you wanted a physical, as opposed to digital, copy).
I’ve now become a Top Line Creations consultant, solely because they’re the only company that offers easy-to-use, yet versatile, scrapbooking software. Adobe PSE is just too technical for me at this point. LifeTimez is acceptable, but it could be greatly improved. However, it doesn’t seem that TLC Customer Service actually checks their email, so I won’t be able to make those suggestions.
I’ve written a business plan.  I am currently looking for a web host, so if anyone has recommendations, I would love to  hear them. I’ve heard a lot of good about, but my gut just doesn’t like them so much. My hope is to get this rolling before Christmas. Then, to work part time at this, and part time at technical writing again. We need the money, but if I don’t do the new business now, then I never will. I know that I can’t make what I need to make so we can cover our bills just as a scrapbooker. Unless I charged every client $500, and I can’t see doing that on a regular basis. 
I’m still not done with Harry Potter VII, and I’m decidedly not enjoying it thus far. Plodding along, hoping for a big payoff. Max says it’s worth it. I hope so! 
I have finished scrapbooking Jack’s first year. It takes up 3 scrapbooks, plus – I ran out of scrapbooks, and it looks like the final pages will just fit into one more, but it could take two. I still have to journal everything since August, and embellish. Searching for just the right embellishment was taking hours, so I decided to scrap the pictures, then go back and look at the stickers I have, page through to find the right page, and go on. I will be doing that this coming Friday night at a crop at a friend’s house. She’s a Creative Memories consultant, and I hope she won’t find out that I joined TLC. I only did it for the software!
I’ve become a gMum, with gDiapers, and I’ll write about that some more, per my agreement with the g people.
My friend Annemarie had her baby – a girl! Emilia (“Emmy”) was born this past Friday, at home, in water. I have several other friends and acquaintances who are pregnant, which is prompting me to create a list of why I am glad I will never be pregnant. I hope to have that up, maybe by my birthday. 
I’ve also been working out a post on what I would do if I were president. Fun stuff to think about when you’re singing the Johnny and the Sprites theme song for the millionth time.
And that brings us back to Jack. He sings! He likes the ABC song, and has the melody, but not the “words” – he sings “EFP” with great pitch though. He’s signing more too, and loves Signing Time. We’re trying to find the DVDs on the cheap, as our TiVo is full. 
We’re one month behind on Daily Shows and I’m 2 weeks behind on Newsweek. Shh… don’t tell me how it ends!
I’m taking Jack out insanely early tomorrow to go to a place with those jump houses with other moms. 
My keyboard tray broke so I’m typing on my lap, which is very upsetting to my cat, who keeps trying to jump on my lap, only to have me dump her back onto the floor. 
Max is here to tell me to get away from the computer.

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