Why My Son Is Bald

On July 11, my son’s hair looked like this:
Jack Curly Hair

Unruly, yes, but CURLY! Such beautiful, lovely curls!

Then Daddy took him for a hair cut on July 12….
Jack’s Head
My son is BALD!
Daddy let the barber SHAVE JACK’S HEAD!

Mommy came downstairs, saw Jack, and was speechless. “What did you to his head?” she asked in horror.
Mommy cried 3 times, each time she saw the back and sides of Jack’s curl-less head.
The very top has a little hair left:
Jack’s Head from the Front
Mommy is upset for MANY, MANY reasons:
I now have to put sunscreen in what’s left of my child’s hair.
Now that it’s growing out, people are saying, “Hey! Cute little mohawk!”
My child had BEAUTIFUL hair and now it’s all gone!
My son is BALD.
The transition from the top to the back/sides is awful. The only reason I don’t have the neighbors shave the top is then he will be completely bald.

But the number one reason I am so sad and pissed off:
We were supposed to get family pictures this week. We have NO family pictures. There are in existence, 6 pictures of the 3 of us together (hospital, Fresh Choice (2 months), NY (8 months), Moms Christmas Party (10 months), Annemarie’s wedding (6 months), professional but really bad photos (6 months)). In all of these pictures, except the one from NY, one of us looks funny. In the one from NY, Max thinks he looks funny, even though he doesn’t.
Our 6 month pics came out awful and I can’t even believe that I was so desperate for pictures that I actually bought any. Max didn’t want to have a family Christmas photo (which crushed me, but whatever), and we all got sick so soon after Jack’s birthday that we didn’t get 1 year shots. Ever since then, I have been looking forward to getting pictures when Jack turned 18 months. Professional pics are expensive, and there was so much going on, that it seemed we needed the excuse of a milestone.
Now, I have to wait until Jack’s hair grows back. My child has beautiful curly hair – he will not be bald in professional family pictures.
I may never let
wear this down. He will never take Jack to get his haircut again. In addition to being upset over the hair, I am again reminded that he doesn’t understand why I love pictures so much, why I put so much effort into taking them and scrapbooking them, why I need to have a family picture. He can be a very good husband and father, but there is just some basic stuff that he doesn’t get. As the dragon would say: BLAH!


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