Mental Health Day

Today, I could have used a mental health day. Despite the drugs, I didn’t sleep well from Tues to Wed, or from Wed to Thurs. Jack was having a really bad morning too. Max brought him up as soon as he heard me wake up. So my day started with trying to keep the cat and the child separated as I went to the bathroom.
I really just didn’t feel like being a mommy today. But you can’t not be a mommy, so you go on. Jack was upset because he couldn’t go “kick kick” first thing, and I was upset because all I really wanted to do was eat my cereal while reading Newsweek. It’s not everyday that’s like this; it’s just sometimes I just want to do things my way, simply because I want to.
Max & I both napped while Jack napped, and I actually slept this time. Jack woke up yelling “Momma” a little earlier than I would have liked, but he did sleep for almost 2 hours, so there wasn’t much I could do. He woke up at such a time that I could make the MOMS Club walk at the reservoir, if we hurried. There was way too much stress involved in getting there, but once we were there (10 minutes late), the walk itself was acceptable. It was very long though, which stressed my knee.
We finally did go “kick kick” about an hour after we got home. Again, I just really wanted to be able to sit in the hot tub and do my physical therapy exercises, but Jack really likes to try and put his hands in the filter, so I couldn’t. He also kicked my in the knee by accident. So my knee is really bugging me.
Because my father was here I didn’t have the chance to make a real dinner (long story), so Jack just ate jarred foods at the table with me, instead of the 3 of us sitting down. Max was kind enough to bathe Jack and put him down so that I could keep my knee up.
It’s 7:51pm and I still haven’t eaten dinner. So I’m going to do that now. I hope.


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