We are all sick. I started it with a cold that attacked my lungs and won’t let go. Then Jack got a stomach bug (I’ll spare the disgusting details… for now… you  non-parents don’t know what you’re missing), and Max got my cold. So we’re all three sick and Jack has a fever of about 100 and isn’t allowed to have anything except Pedialyte and about half as much formula as he would normally have. He’ll be going to the doctor tomorrow. Max is screwed because work is pissed off at him (his work laptop died last week — not his fault, it was a bad hard drive or something) so he should be working when he’s not being sick, but I’m being sick and Jack won’t take any naps and we’re all very unhappy. Anyone who lives within driving distance of Antioch and wants to come and take pity on us…?
I hate hate hate being sick when Jack is sick, because he deserves to be taken care of by the best, and I’m pretty much at my worst. So’s Max.


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