My Beautiful Brilliant Boy

Today, Jack did many adorable and amazing actions:
– He helped me put away the Christmas decorations by taking everything out of a bin and putting it back in, many times.
– He fell down the stairs from the 4th stair. Not such a good thing to have happened, but he weathered it well and was back to climbing the stairs (this time with Mommy) within minutes.
– He devised a way to come downstairs while holding one of Mommy’s hands.
– He signed “More” when I asked him if he wanted more dinner.
– He played peek-a-boo with me. HE took the towel and put it in front of his face, over his head, etc. and I asked “Where’s Jack?” and he’d put the towel down. I’d be surprised and he’d smile.
– He did SO BIG. He put his hands up in the air. I asked, “Are you doing SO BIG!?” and he smiled and put his hands in the air again. My mom has been teaching him SO BIG for months, so for him to spontaneously do it is a big deal. When I called my mom and said, “Jack just did SO BIG!” he put his hands in the air again. I wasn’t even talking to him. When I gave him the phone to talk to Nanny, he said, “Hi” twice.
He is now crawling over here to demand his bath, bottle, and bed, so I have to go. I just realized that a lot of the little stuff like this falls through the cracks and I want to remember it more often.

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Jan. 7th, 2007 03:46 am (UTC)Oh no, now your wee little baby is SO BIG! 🙂

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