The Baby-Sitting Blues

Jack got a cold the Saturday before Halloween. Max got it the following Tuesday. I got it on Thursday. We were scrambling to find someone who could watch Jack while Max and I convalesced. We realized: We need a baby-sitter.
I’ve called the high school and they haven’t called me back (twice). I posted to craigslist. Three people emailed me. The first is over-enthusiastic woman who was willing to share personal details of her life with me over the phone, despite the fact that they had little to do with baby-sitting. The second is a Brazilian nanny, who I thought misunderstood my post – I thought she thought we needed a nanny – but no, she likes to have extra jobs here and there. The third is a college student, home-schooled, majoring in psychology. A very nice person.
When I asked Candidate #1 how much she gets for baby-sitting: $12-15 per hour. Candidate #3 gets $10 per hour.
If we had her over for 2 hours a week, that would be $80 per month. That’s more than we pay for DirecTV (I think).
What I want, is me, when I was in high school. Bright, motivated, child-loving, and cheap. The fact is, Jack is so active now that I can’t do anything more time or attention consuming than folding laundry. Getting dressed takes me at least half an hour now, because Jack is darting all over the bedroom. I can’t take him on errands between naps; he’s eating solids now and needs access to real baby food, and he doesn’t take his second nap if he’s been out. So, that leaves the 3 hours between naptime and bedtime. For me to get anything done, I’ve got the 3 hours that he sleeps during the day (if we’re lucky) and then after he goes to bed at around 7. However, going to bed at 1am means I’m so tired in the morning I can’t wake up at a reasonable hour. So, I need to find more time during the day.
Our neighbor was watching Jack sometimes, but she wants to keep him in her house, which is not conducive to him napping. Also, she’s re-doing the 2nd floor floors, so Jack can’t really be over there anyway.
So that brings us to a baby-sitter. We need someone who can come over and entertain Jack for a couple of hours a week. Someone who might do the dishes, tidy up after Jack, and maybe, possibly, vacuum.
And when we are sick, or a similar emergency comes up, we need to be able to call that person and say, “Can you please come over?”
I’m going to call the community center and see about talking to the person who does the baby-sitting certification class. I should go to the high school and bring a posting. We did post in the library, but nothing came of it.
Where am I when I need me?
Happy Thanksgiving America!


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