Greg & Sheri’s Wedding

I began scrapbooking our “Housecooling” Party of August 2004, so I thought it was appropriate to finish chronicling our trip.
Saturday, October 21: Greg & Sheri’s Wedding. Greg is Joanne’s (Jack’s godmother) brother. He and Sheri have been together for 14 (yes, fourteen) years. Today is their big day!
Pre-wedding, Max and I went crazy trying to organize everything so that we could pack it when we came home. The wedding reception, we were told, would last until midnight, but we wouldn’t be able to stay that long. Honestly, as the wedding began at 3pm, we didn’t think we could do 9 hours of wedding.
We left Jack at the “B&B”. Jenn had recently finished her baby-sitting certification (she’s 11), so she was really looking forward to sitting for Jack.
Me: We’ll be leaving Jack with you and your parents.
Jenn: I thought I was taking care of Jack-Jack.
Me: You will, but your parents will be there as back up.
Jenn: Aren’t they going to the wedding?
Me: No.
Jenn: You can take them with you.
So, Greg & Sheri, you almost had 2 more people to feed!
I should also mention that Trisha is amazing because she thinks to ask questions that I didn’t even know were questions. Like, when do I put diaper cream on him? I didn’t know. I probably should have. *sigh*
We got to the wedding in good time, and saw the groom’s family in the back of the church. Everyone looked so handsome and beautiful! As I said to Marc (Jack’s godfather): You clean up good. Even brother Kevin managed to look respectable.
The wedding itself was a complete Catholic wedding, with readings and blessings and songs… and Communion. So, it took awhile. Joanne sang, and when she sang accompanied by her brother Chris, she sounded like an angel. Truly. The ring bearer was Sheri’s nephew Cameron, who was somewhere between 2 & 3. He was fearless! Walked down the aisle like he was headed for a pile of stuff he wasn’t supposed to have. During the reception, they had him come out in his Halloween costume. Apparently, Greg & Sheri were going to be gone for Halloween, so Sheri was bummed that she wouldn’t see him. Cameron came in dressed as a monkey and totally oblivious to the applause. Amazing!
Up until this day, the weather had been pretty nice. It’s October in NH, so it was cold, but nothing required more than a sweater. On Saturday the 21st, it was FREEZING. According to Weather Underground, it was between 37-51F. I think the 37 is closer to what we experienced. Sheri had a sleeveless gown too! As did the bridesmaids. Brrr!
We didn’t know very many people, and those we did know were in the wedding party, so the beginning of the reception was kind of awkward. We were seated with a lot of friends of the groom’s family. We made small talk with an elderly couple from Pennsylvania. Then, a young-ish man from the UK showed up. He was good to talk to. He also helped me set the &^%&@ camera so it would stop taking blurry photos.
The entire trip, the camera kept taking blurry photos, especially in dark settings. It wasn’t until the LAST DAY that someone who knew cameras helped me set the damn thing so the pictures weren’t blurry. Why couldn’t he have been at Ben & Shawna’s wedding??
Sometime between dinner and cake, I realized that this was our last day in NH. We wouldn’t see Joanne, Marc, Greg, Sheri… anyone… for who knows how long? I tried very hard not to cry in front of our friends. I didn’t want them to feel like I wasn’t having a good time. It … saying good-bye to Joanne was like … empty.. it made me feel so empty inside. And then I thought about all of our other friends, many of whom we hadn’t been able to see because of my procrastination. How we’re not going to be able to call on Jenn to come baby-sit after school. How Jack and Aidan won’t grow up together. How we may never see some of our friends again. And how we would love to get to know some of the people we met better, but it probably won’t happen.
Thus, saying good-bye took a long time, because I had to compose myself after each experience. In the last picture, taken of Greg & me, you can tell I’ve been crying.
The minute we got into the car I burst out crying. Max, who I’m sure was having a hard time himself, was kind of despondent. I babbled about all the things I missed, but how there wasn’t any way that we could go back to NH because of the weather, my family being here, and the lack of job situations.
I really did spend time thinking about how we could afford to “summer” in NH — that is, to live in NH from June to October but to live in CA for the rest of the year. Sadly, someone would have to die for that to happen, and I’m really not in any rush to see anyone I love die.
We got back to the house arond 9pm, and we immediately began packing by moving all of our stuff from the guest room (we had already moved it from our guest suite into the guest room) down the stairs to the family room, where we watched TV and packed for several hours.
Sunday, October 22: Our true last day. We left the Flower Girl B&B, and though I tried not to, I did end up crying when I said good-bye to Trisha.
We made plans with Ben & Shawna to see them so they could meet Jack. We ended up going to the 99, where Jack was not in the mood to be seated quietly. Fortunately, we had understanding diners around us. Ben & Shawna were really great with Jack. It was also good to catch up with them and what they’re doing. They are looking forward to becoming parents themselves, and Shawna asked me all kinds of questions, which I of course was happy to answer, but I really did feel like I was boring everyone to death.
Ben drove us to the airport. Getting through security with the new new rules (you can have liquids in less than 3 oz. containers but all of those containers have to be in one Ziploc(tm) bag) was arduous. Made all the more so because one woman in front of us was trying to carry on a shopping bag full of cosmetics, perfume, and hair products. At least all of our liquids were for Jack! We ended up being at the gate almost 2 hours early, so Jack and I took a walk and found a changing station with a big mirror. So he walked around on the counter and looked at himself. He was so sweet! I also almost bought him a frozen yogurt, but thought better of it.
While waiting, I decided to call Jack’s birthmom. I’m glad I did! First, it was her birthday. Second, she had moved. She’s now in an apartment with her (older) boyfriend. And I think she mentioned that her 16 year old sister was there “with her fiance.” But she may have been kidding as I heard C yell and S said “Just joking with ya” somewhere near the phone.
Jack was far more active on this flight, and even with the Ativan, I  was affected. Again, we had some understanding people nearby. And he wasn’t overly loud, he was just being a baby, so there really wasn’t much we could do. We got back to our house with no real problems.
The entire trip has made me reconsider what, and where, home is. As much as I missed everyone before, I miss them more now. I just wish I knew what to do, what we can do. I love you guys!


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