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Continuing the journaling of our trip to New England.
Looking back at last week (October 9-12), I feel like we missed many opportunities to see people. Our biggest problem was Jack’s lack of sleep schedule. Every day he refused naps. Max couldn’t get him to sleep in the morning. I couldn’t do much better in the afternoon. Living in someone else’s house, I felt self-conscious about allowing Jack to cry. Consequently, days were spent trying to get Jack to sleep, and, when we couldn’t, figuring out what we were going to do next.  I discovered that we did not get cell phone service once we crossed onto J&M’s driveway. Between Jack not sleeping and not having cell phone (I have a problem using other people’s phones to call long distance), we did a lot of nothing, which was not all bad.
Monday (October 9) was a much needed rest day. I believe Joanne took Jack for a big chunk of time, and I spent a lot of the day sleeping. Joanne, Jack, and I went to the new Babies R’ Us in Nashua. Prices there are slightly lower than in CA. Jack fell asleep on the way, but woke up pretty quickly after we got him into the store. He grabbed a sweatshirt off the rack, and started to chew on the hanger. OK, whatever makes him happy. He needed a sweatshirt anyway. Then he began eating the paper tag. I conned Joanne into being Bad Cop and she got the stuff out of his mouth. Shopping with Jack is a sticky proposition. He doesn’t stay interested for very long. I had coupons for 20% off Carters clothes, but all the clothes I found were MiniWear, Koala Baby, and Osh Kosh. We wandered to the toys, where Jack set his gaze upon a neat ball — it was like a funky colored EPCOT dome, so that Jack could grab the ball through the openings and eat, throw, roll it. It was $4.99, so why not? (Turns out that he LOVES the thing.) I also saw “Baby’s First Cell Phone” for $3.98. Sold! (This would prove to be a source of great amusement and annoyance in NY.) Joanne somehow ended up on the other side of the store, and found the Carter’s clothes. I opted not to buy anything until we went to Mother and Child (see Tuesday). Then, I saw The Elephant. Max’s Aunt Pam had bought Jack a Carter’s elephant that is meant to hang from something and plays “Rock a Bye Baby” when you press his tummy. He also has crinkly ears. We lost Elephant when we went to Missouri, probably on the plane from KCI to PIT. I saw The Elephant. I presented him to Jack. At first, Jack was nonplussed. Then, I pressed The Elephant’s chest. Instant recognition registered on Jack’s face — Hello Friend! He immediately grabbed The Elephant and started chewing on his ears. I didn’t care if that thing was going to be $80, Jack remembered his friend, and I was going to reunite them. Turns out, The Elephant was on clearance for $3.98 (which in tax free NH is actually $3.98.) We did not find the car seat I had wanted, so that was a bummer.
Joanne also cooked for us every night we were there. We got to eat real food for dinner! I also began doing laundry, as we had already used up a considerable amount of clothing.
Tuesday (October 10), Joanne and I went to Mother and Child, a consignment store here in Nashua. (We don’t have any local consignment stores in Antioch/Brentwood.) The store has greatly expanded. I ended up plopping Jack in front of a TV playing “Sesame Street” with a talking, walking Eeyore toy. I thought I was going to have to buy the thing ($3), he loved it so much! We have a Peek n Play Eeyore at home though, so when he ultimately forgot about it, I wasn’t bummed or anything. A 2 year old was there watching TV and playing with some toys. He kept pointing at Jack and saying, “Baby.” Then he would give Jack toys or take some of the toys away. Jack was pretty happy with this arrangement. I worried that someone would just come along and take him, as he’s so happy to go with anyone who smiles at him.
The clothes are organized according to size and then by color. I was only able to get through natural, black, white, red, and orange before Jack started melting down. I couldn’t find the bathroom, so I had to change his diaper in a small changing room. He ended up having green poop part way up his back, so I had to change him entirely. He fell asleep in the car, and stayed asleep for a decent amount of time at J&M’s if I remember correctly.
I continued the laundry. During dinner, however, Joanne noticed that the washing machine stopped. Marc had to go down and re-start the jet pump (they are on well water, as are many NH residents). When the water came back, it was as salty as the sea. No more water that night. J&M couldn’t fathom what the problem was. I spent the evening researching convertible car seats and light-weight strollers.
Wednesday (October 11), the water came back, as inexplicably as it went. Joanne’s parents were to come and visit between 12 and 1:30. I had hoped to go to Target to get a few items (bottled water among them, just in case) before 12, but Jack not sleeping quashed that. I think Max ended up taking him for awhile and getting him to sleep around 1. J’s parents had not appeared by 2, and I was anxious to do something. Finally, I just left, hoping that I would catch them when I got back.
There is a brand new Target on Route 3, situated on a hill next to the Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s called “The Highlands” and I could see why: The view was incredible! You could see trees for miles, tall buildings, hills, and the horizon. (Note to self: Insert picture here, when I get the pictures downloaded.) I wanted to buy a car seat for Jack before NY, and I knew Target had the new one I had settled upon (the Eddie Bauer Deluxe Convertible Car Seat, if anyone cares). Well, they also had the original car seat. However, the Eddie Bauer one is rear and front facing, and Jack needs to be rear facing until he is 22 pounds AND 1 year old, so the Eddie Bauer one was purchased.
When I got back, (after resisting the temptation to get a drink at the Starbucks inside Target), it began to rain, and J’s parents were about to leave. I was able to say Hello and Good-bye. Jack was happy to see me.
I was happy to have bought the bottled water. The water was sporadic, sometimes brown, and sometimes salty.
Thursday (October 12), we got ready to move to The Flower Girls’ House (that is, the home of Roy, Trisha, Jenn, and Katie, the latter two were our flower girls). Max took one load of stuff to RTJK’s and ended up going to Target, Joanne had a meeting. I ended up spending about 5 hours with a clingy, non-sleeping Jack, in a house with no water. He figured out how to schooch/slide across the slick kitchen floor. We played with his new ball for a looonnnnggg time, but I liked that, because I could eat lunch while kicking the ball to him as he laughed. Just after I had about had it, Joanne showed up, then the much needed plumber, then Max. We cleared out, getting to RTJK’s at around 3:30. Max immediately set about making Jack take a nap.
RTJK have a HUGE house, to which they recently added a guest suite. It is one large room with an attached bath, that adjoins the house but also has its own entrance. I looked around then told Trisha, “I don’t think we can afford this hotel.” It’s very much like an upscale B&B. It’s also impossible to hear anything from that room in the rest of the house, which was confirmed when Max came down at about 4:15. Jack had just screamed for 20 minutes, then fallen asleep on Max.
When Jenn came home, she said hello to Max then wanted to know where Jack-Jack was. Umm… hello Robyn? Oh, Hello Robyn.
We ended up waking Jack up at about 6, because to let him sleep would mean him waking up hungry at about 4 in the morning. So I took him while everyone ate and ended up having my lasagna cold, but the garlic bread and salad were still really good. Jack went down to sleep later for Max without much incident. Trisha and I ended up talking until late in the night.
Up next: Our trip to New York.


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